• Spotlight: Jac Leirner

    Spotlight: Jac Leirner

    Photo © Prudence Cuming Associates Ltd


    For our Spotlight this week we present Jac Leirner's Blossom, 2017.


    Jac Leirner's Blossom presents at first sight as a bright geometric work, its 22 short levels extending out from the corner, eleven parts on each side, alternating to the left and the right—at the top is the thinest level of all and at the bottom, the thickest.

    Counter-intuitively, the title bestows an organic quality to the arrangement of horizontal levels. The accumulation of tools has a subtly effect of undermining their function. At the same time, their original purpose of these ready-made objects is also a profound one: “leveling,” and, metaphorically speaking, giving orientation.



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  • Esther Schipper is pleased to announce the representation of Jac Leirner

    February 13, 2020
    Esther Schipper is pleased to announce the representation of Jac Leirner

    Photo © Frank Schoepgens



    Jac Leirner was born in 1961 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where she lives and works.


    The works of Jac Leirner are often created from mundane or formally unremarkable materials such as bank notes, blankets, cigarette paper, or water levels. Her large-scale installations recall the formal restraint of minimalist seriality and the evocative use of found materials characteristic of Arte Povera, while at the same time offering commentary on social codes.


    In 2019, the artist won the prestigious Wolfgang Hahn Prize awarded by Museum Ludwig, Cologne.