• Rosa Barba, Exhibition Notes

    Cukrarna, Ljubljana February 8 – April 24, 2022 www.cukrarna.art
    Rosa Barba, Exhibition Notes

    Exhibition view: Rosa Barba, From Source to Poem, CAPC musée d’art contemporain de Bordeaux, 2016–2017. © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, 2022. Photo: Arthur Pequin © Rosa Barba


    Rosa Barba's solo presentation Exhibition Notes at Cukrarna is the first to be held in the basement gallery, marking the start of a series of projects exploring the dimensions and possible applications of sound, light, moving images, and music. 

    With Exhibition Notes, Rosa Barba presents an installation that fills the gallery space, turning it into a coherent visual ensemble. It includes Blind Volumes (2016/2022), a work that uses steel frames as a support, a kind of stage on which films and kinetic sculptures are displayed.

    Eight further artworks are choreographed around the gallery, transforming it into a place for experimentation. The gallery thus becomes a space where the constitutive elements of film, celluloid, projector and sound are presented: elements that often remain invisible, overlooked, and unexplored precisely because they are so obvious. By placing the various components of film in new experimental constellations, the artist liberates them from their original uses. “In my work”, says Barba, “I interrogate the industry of cinema with respect to various forms of staging, such as gesture, genre, information, and documentation, taking them out of their conventional contexts and reshaping and representing them anew. In this way, I experiment with and expand time-based forms into sculptural objects or speculations, that is, into spaces that are self-organized; it is an ever-changing, ever-evolving shifting process.”

    Through her use of a steel construction which is both drawing and supporting space, the artist brings a dynamic interpretation of its constituent parts to the gallery space. In so doing, she invites the viewer to adopt different perspectives, focus on the artworks individually or as a whole. Both the basic physical elements and the metaphysical concepts thus become key vehicles for thinking about film as a process, a medium and, ultimately, a message.

    The exhibition is curated by Alenka Gregorič.

  • Rosa Barba and Hito Steyerl – 72nd Berlin International Film Festival

    Berlin February 10 – 20, 2022 www.berlinale.de
    Rosa Barba and Hito Steyerl – 72nd Berlin International Film Festival

    Hito Steyerl, Die leere Mitte (The Empty Centre), 1998, 16 mm film transferred to digital video (color, sound), duration: 62 min. © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, 2022. Film still © Hito Steyerl


    Two films by Hito Steyerl,Die leere Mitte (The Empty Center), 1998 and Normalität 1-10(Normality 1-X), 2001, are included in the Berlinale's Forum Special, the 'Fiktionsbescheinigung' series, a section for experimental cinema put together by curators Enoka Ayemba and Biene Pilavci, supported by Karina Griffith, Jacqueline Nsiah, Can Sungu and the Forum selection committee.

    Die leere Mitte (The Empty Center)
    February 11, 11am
    February 20, 5pm

    Normalität 1-10 (Normality 1-X)
    February 14, 8.30pm
    February 17, 5pm 

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    Rosa Barba has been named Jury Member for the International Short Film Jury, alongside filmmaker Payal Kapadia, and short-film expert Reinhard W. Wolf. The three will be selecting the winners of the Golden Bear for Best Short Film, the Silver Bear Jury Prize (Short Film) and the Berlin Short Film Candidate for the European Film Awards from the 21 competing films.

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    Further information and tickets at www.berlinale.de

  • Rosa Barba’s Open-Air Cinema and Premiere: Inside the Outset: Evoking a Space of Passage, 2021

    UN Buffer Zone, Deryneia, Cyprus Friday September 10, 2021, 8:30 pm
    Rosa Barba’s Open-Air Cinema and Premiere: Inside the Outset: Evoking a Space of Passage, 2021

    Rosa Barba, Inside the Outset: Evoking a Space of Passage, 2021. United Nations Buffer Zone, Deryneia, Cyprus. Open-air cinema Sculpture. Photo: Marios Stylianou © Rosa Barba


    Esther Schipper is is pleased to announce the inaugural ceremony of Rosa Barba’s Open-Air Cinema and premiere of her film Inside the Outset: Evoking a Space of Passage, 2021.

    Inside the Outset is a project that consists of two parts: a film and a long-term open-air cinema installation within the 180-kilometer UN-controlled "Green Line Buffer Zone" in Cyprus. This area divides the island between North and South, and forms the starting point of Rosa Barba’s artistic intervention.

    The project started seven years ago when Barba was invited by Point Centre for Contemporary Art in Nicosia and by the curator Mirjam Varadinis to Cyprus and proposed a cinema sculpture for the Buffer Zone. The inaugural ceremony of the Open-Air Cinema will take place in the presence of His Excellency the Ambassador of Italy to Cyprus on September 10, 2021, with the projection of Barba's film Inside the Outset: Evoking a Space of Passage along with films selected by the project’s Advisory Board of artists from each side of the Green Line and beyond. Visitors from both sides of the island will be able to enter the Buffer Zone, which is usually closed to civilians.

    In a recent article for The Brooklyn Rail, Rosa Barba discusses this project as well as her other current projects – Read it here



    Rosa Barba, Inside the Outset: Evoking a Space of Passage (2021)
    Open-Air Cinema and 16mm film transferred to digital and 8k film, sound, 31:15 min
    Produced by Point Centre for Contemporary Art, funded by the Italian Council.
    A collaboration with Famagusta Avenue Garage.
    Image: Marios Stylianou © Rosa Barba

  • Rosa Barba. In a Perpetual Now

    Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin August 22, 2021 – January 16, 2022 www.smb.museum
    Rosa Barba. In a Perpetual Now

    Rosa Barba, Plastic Limits, For the Projections of Other Architectures, 2021, 35mm film, color, optical sound, duration: 14:30 min. Film still © Rosa Barba


    The Neue Nationalgalerie celebrates its reopening after six years of renovation with a solo exhibition by Rosa Barba, opening to the public from August 22, 2021.

    Under the title In a Perpetual Now, Barba will present key works of her oeuvre from the years 2009–2021, as well as a new film created on the occasion of the exhibition. An expansive steel structure referring in its architectural structure to Mies van der Rohe's early project Brick Country House will host 15 of Barba's cinematic and sculptural works. Specially produced for the architecture of the Neue Nationalgalerie, this major solo exhibition follows the principle of cinematic montage, which plays a pivotal role in the artist’s work as well as her conceptual approach to cinema itself.

  • Spotlight: Rosa Barba

    Spotlight: Rosa Barba

    Photo © Delfino Sisto Legnani and Marco Cappelletti


    This week for our Spotlight we present a selection of major works by Rosa Barba who recently joined the gallery, as well as an introduction to her new film and site-specific project, Inside the Outset: Evoking a Space of Passage, filmed in Cyprus, including the UN-Buffer Zone.

    This summer, Rosa Barba will present an architectural film installation as part of the long-awaited reopening of the Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin, after five years of closure for renovation work.


    Click here to see the full Spotlight

  • Esther Schipper is pleased to announce the representation of Rosa Barba

    Esther Schipper is pleased to announce the representation of Rosa Barba

    Photo © Sara Masüger


    Rosa Barba was born in 1972 in Agrigento, Italy. She currently lives and works in Berlin.

    She studied at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne and has completed her PhD at the Malmö Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts, Lund University in 2018.

    She has been a visiting professor at MIT, ACT (Program in Art, Culture and Technology), in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Barba holds a professorship in Fine Arts at the University of the Arts, Bremen.

    Rosa Barba engages within the medium of film through a sculptural approach. In her works, Barba creates installations and site-specific interventions to analyze the ways film articulates space, placing the work and the viewer in a new relationship. Questions of composition, physicality of form and plasticity play an important role for the artist as Barba examines the industry of cinema and its staging vis-à-vis gesture, genre, information and documents. Her film works are situated between experimental documentary and fictional narrative. They often focus on natural landscapes and human-made interventions into the environment and explore the relationship of historical records, personal anecdotes, and filmic representation, creating spaces of memory and uncertainty.