• Spotlight: Angela Bulloch


    Spotlight: Angela Bulloch

    Photo © Eberle & Eisfeld


    This week for our Spotlight we present Angela Bulloch's Pentagon Totem: Tree, 2020⁠⠀


    Pentagon Totem: Tree is the latest development in Angela Bulloch's ongoing series of sculptures. The work consists of five assembled geometrical figures known as regular dodecahedrons (each figure is made of 12 pentagons).⁠⠀
    Angela Bulloch's series of sculptures examines the connections formed by the convex geometrical shapes of their structure, together with their associations of colors and the gallery space. Made of painted Corian, the surface of the vertically assembled dodecahedrons creates an optical illusion of pushing and pulling planes. Conceived and designed within a digital imaging program, each superimposed module appears distinct while at the same time relating to the others.⁠⠀
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  • All Access

    haubrok foundation, Fahrbereitschaft, Berlin
    All Access

    All Access is a new series of online visits to exhibitions that are currently closed to the public. As museums and galleries around the world remain closed, the series takes us into these spaces with the artists and curators as guides.


    For the first All Access, Jeanne Tremsal introduces her exhibition at FAHRBEREITSCHAFT together with Christopher Roth.

    FAHRBEREITSCHAFT in Berlin-Lichtenberg is one of the locations of the Haubrok foundation. In changing exhibition spaces throughout the dynamic arts and industrial yard, the foundation shows works from its collection, from artists working on site, or from guest curators and artists.

    The exhibition Mein Vater, meine Nachbarn, meine Freunde und deren Freunde was curated by Jeanne Tremsal around the work of her father, Benoit. Their father-daughter relationship was always centered on art, and upon finding out that he had a terminal illness, Jeanne initiated an exhibition that responded to Benoit’s tree sculptures. The title refers to the community of artists that contributed responses to the trees: neighbors, friends, and their friends.


    Mein Vater,
    meine Nachbarn,
    meine Freunde,
    und deren Freunde
    with Angela Bulloch, Isa Melsheimer, and Christopher Roth
    haubrok foundation, Fahrbereitschaft, Berlin


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  • Angela Bulloch at Museum Art. Plus

    Museum Art. Plus, Donaueschingen October 17, 2019 – November 17, 2019 www.museum-art-plus.com
    Angela Bulloch at Museum Art. Plus

    Angela Bulloch, Elliptical Song Drawing Machine, 2014, drawing machine with Red Lipstick pen and MP3 player, 213 x 259 x 13 cm
    Photo © Eberle & Eisfeld


    Complementing the Donaueschingen Music Festival, Museum Art.Plus is showing works by Angela Bulloch in the 2-Raum. Bulloch will present a number of sound-activated drawing machines that respond to the sound of music. 


    More information can be found HERE.

  • Book Launch and Artist Talk with Angela Bulloch

    Esther Schipper Bookstore, Berlin May 16, 2019, 5 – 7 pm
    Book Launch and Artist Talk with Angela Bulloch

    Book Launch
    Angela Bulloch
    Euclid in Europe
    Published by Hatje Cantz Verlag, 2019
    Thursday May 16, 2019, 5 – 7 pm


    Artist Talk
    Angela Bulloch in conversation with Dr. Isabelle Moffat
    Esther Schipper Bookstore
    Thursday May 16, 2019, 5.30 pm


    More information

  • Concert with Angela Bulloch and Karin Sander

    Akademie der Künste, Hanseatenweg, Berlin April 28, 2019, 7 pm www.adk.de
    Concert with Angela Bulloch and Karin Sander

    Angela Bulloch, Heavy Metal Herkules, performed at Herkulessaal, Munich, November 29, 2017
    Photo © Angela Bulloch


    Music for Future Images

    Concert with Angela Bulloch and Karin Sander
    Akademie der Künste, Hanseatenweg, Berlin
    April 28, 2019, 7 pm
    Free admission

  • BPA // Berlin Program for Artists mentored by Angela Bulloch

    ITALIC, Beach Office and FRAGILE, Berlin Through March 11, 2019 www.berlinprogramforartists.org
    BPA // Berlin Program for Artists mentored by Angela Bulloch

    Photo © Andrea Rossetti


    BPA facilitates exchange between emerging and experienced Berlin-based artists, through coordinated studio visits and meetings.


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  • Myth, Music & Electricity

    Herkulessaal, Residenstraße 1, 80333 Munich November 29, 8pm www.artgeneve.ch
    Myth, Music & Electricity

    artgenève presents, Myth, Music and Electricity, part of “contemporary art as concert”, a series of events focused on musical and ephemeral works by artists invited by Augustin Maurs.


    This event will take place at Munich's Herkulessaal and plays with the adventurous and puzzling construction of myths. The concert hall will host a series of musical and perfomative works, including a bass guitar ensemble by Angela Bulloch and performances by Karin Sander.


    Doors: 7pm

    Admission: 8 EUR / 12 EUR

    Tickets: julia.etter@palexpo.ch

  • Angela Bulloch & David Grubbs: The Wired Salutation

    Museu Serralves, Serralves Auditorium, Porto October 26, 2017, 10pm–11:30pm www.serralves.pt
    Angela Bulloch & David Grubbs: The Wired Salutation
    The Wired Salutation results from a collaboration between Angela Bulloch and composer and musician David Grubbs.
    Bulloch sets into motion the process by which images and ideas degrade–decline, simplify–while expanding to encompass video, live performance, and a composition for theatre lighting, taking the audience on a trip inside the image.  David Grubbs stresses and strains an initially coherent piece of music until its constituent parts agree to peacefully disassemble.  The live musical component is undertaken by a group featuring Grubbs (electric guitar and voice) and Italian musicians Andrea Belfi (drums and electronics) and Stefano Pilia (electric guitar).
    Find more about this event here
  • Duet With Artists: with Angela Bulloch, Rodney Graham, Pierre Huyghe, and Tino Sehgal

    Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen Through August 27, 2017 www.museum-morsbroich.de