• Spotlight: Nathan Carter

    Spotlight: Nathan Carter

    Photo © Jörg von Bruchhausen


    This week for our Spotlight we present Nathan Carter’s Rosa Rosaghetti in the Red Anemones Garden at Rougemont Castle., 2021,Syldavian Sallies née Succory at Snowdonia Llyn Gardens, Dolwyddelan., 2021, and 

    Royal Convulvulus Clementine at The Alnwick Castle Poison Garden., 2021.


    Nathan Carter’s exuberant paintings continue a theme of playfully mixing abstract and organic shapes to create fantastical botanical compositions, named for flowers and recalling their distinct shapes. Painted in acrylic enamel, the works focus on flowers in the process of blossoming. Thus, among the tightly intertwined forms reminiscent of leaves and vines, are also stamen and stigma, evoking the complex reproductive apparatus of plants. The intersexual botanical beings are curious proliferations, spiky prideful panorama, petals, stamen and ovule tentatively intertwining and coupling in a self-stimulating dance. Emphasizing the phantasmagorical element of these constructions, they can also include hearts or a row of rainbow spikes, or, as Carter calls them: “visible deadly warnings to all away supporters and dream killers."  


    The titles of this series of works contain both scientific and common or fictional references to plants, paired with names or emotive qualifiers.


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  • DRAMASTICS Revue Rock Concert and Film Screening

    The Grapevine Bar, Dallas October 27, 2017, 9PM
    DRAMASTICS Revue Rock Concert and Film Screening

    Flyer © Nathan Carter



    Mixing fictional representation and real-life celebration, on October 27 a screening of The DRAMASTICS are Loud (2016) will be followed by the Dramastics Revue, a live concert by Nathan Carter and The DRAMASTICS at the legendary Grapevine Bar, as featured in his film and dioramas.

    The presentation will include hand-made Dramastics t-shirts and performace capes produced in collaboration with the artist Dan Estabrook and Featherweight Studio.