• Spotlight: Ari Benjamin Meyers

    Spotlight: Ari Benjamin Meyers

    Photo © Lenbachhaus


    For our Spotlight this month we present Ari Benjamin Meyers, K Club, 2019.


    It is not so much about the performance in and of itself or even the idea that we perform something for others, but much more the space that's opened up by this intersection between audience, musician, and music.

    — Ari Benjamin Meyers


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  • Ari Benjamin Meyers at 7th Beaufort Triennial

    Beaufort Triennial, Flanders Through October 17, 2021 www.beaufort21.be
    Ari Benjamin Meyers at 7th Beaufort Triennial

    Ari Benjamin Meyers, The Long Parade (Day 1, De Panne to Koksijde), 2021. Performed at Beaufort 21: 7th Beaufort Triennial, Flanders, 2021. Photo © Kristien Daem


    For the seventh edition of the Beaufort Triennial, Beaufort 21, Ari Benjamin Meyers, in collaboration with the walking orchestra "Die Verdammte Spielerei", presents The Long Parade.

    The Long Parade is a music-based durational performance that is inspired by the brutal history of the Belgian coast, memory and forgetting, and the children’s game "Telephone". Over the course of the summer, the Flemish fanfare band "Die Verdammte Spielerei" will be marching from the French-Belgian border in De Panne to the Belgian-Dutch border of Knokke, performing a new composition by Ari Benjamin Meyers over ten musical parades. For each performance, they are joined by a different local group of musicians that have made their own adaptations of the piece and, in a ritualized manner, will pass the music — and a specially commissioned flag — from one municipality to the next. This performance, in essence an evolving, moving rehearsal, continues over the coming months, undergoing further mutations until the work reaches its finale in Knokke-Heist in October.

    With The Long Parade Meyers unites the identities and histories of the Belgian coastal municipalities in one new composition that gets adapted by all, celebrating collaboration and recognizing the individuality of each place, while at the same time highlighting the fog of memory as it pertains to the past – both recent and more distant.

    Participation is free and open to the public.

    Upcoming performance dates and locations:
    July 4: Koksijde - Showkorps El Fuerte, Imperior De Percussion and Koninklijke Gemeentelijke Harmonie Koksijde
    August 1: Nieuwpoort - Koninklijke Katholieke Harmonie Nieuwpoort
    August 8: Middelkerke - Drawing Pins
    August 15: Ostend - Melody Makers Ostend
    August 29: Bredene - accordion group with Alain Billiouw
    September 12: De Haan - Saxophone Quartet Beaufort
    September 19: Blankenberge - Shanty Choir Blankenberge
    September 25: Zeebrugge - Koninklijke Harmonie Vermaak na Arbeid Koolkerke
    October 17: Knokke - Koninklijke Harmonie Sint-Cecilia Heist

  • Ari Benjamin Meyers – Solo (Social Distance Version)

    Collegium Hungaricum & Yellow Solo, Berlin www.yellowsolo.de
    Ari Benjamin Meyers – Solo (Social Distance Version)

    Ari Benjamin Meyers, Solo, originally produced in 2009 by Soundfair at Loge, Berlin with Ruth Rosenfeld, soprano
    Photo © Douglas Gordon


    Solo by Ari Benjamin Meyers was first presented in Berlin in 2009 by Soundfair at Loge. In line with the basic concept of the work, only one person at a time was allowed to enter the space, to experience a live vocal performance of ca. seven minutes, delivered by a solo singer. In the first version of the performance the soloist and the solo audience were in one space, a small room which created, in fact provoked, an inevitably intimate connection between the two.

    In Solo (Social Distance Version)—presented first at CHB-Collegium Hungaricum Berlin and later at Yellow Solo—the soloist and the solo audience are separated by a wall, and thus the show, experienced in complete solitude, is comprised not of hearing, but overhearing.

    VENUE 1:
    CHB – Collegium Hungaricum Berlin
    Dorotheenstraße 12, 10117 Berlin
    September 11, 12, both days 4 pm - 10 pm
    Duration of the performance: 10 min
    The performance takes place in continuous repetition from 4 pm till 10 pm on the 11th and 12th of September. A solo visitor is allowed to enter the space following a short break after each performance.
    From 4 pm to 7 pm, the performance can only be visited at a pre-booked time slot. It is not necessary to register between 7 pm and 10 pm, entry is in the order of arrival.
    Registration: contact@yellowsolo.de

    VENUE 2:
    Yellow Solo
    Danziger Straße 162a, 10407 Berlin
    September 19, 26, October 4, 11, on all four days 4 pm – 8 pm
    Duration of the performance: 10 min
    The performance can only be visited here at a pre-booked time slot.
    Registration: contact@yellowsolo.de

  • Performance and Artist Talk with Ari Benjamin Meyers

    Schering Stiftung, Berlin January 18 – 19, 2020, 12 – 6 pm www.scheringstiftung.de
    Performance and Artist Talk with Ari Benjamin Meyers

    Exhibition view: Ari Benjamin Meyers, Solo for Ayumi, Esther Schipper, Berlin, 2017
    Violin: Ayumi Paul
    Photo © Andrea Rossetti



    Ari Benjamin Meyers⁠
    Performance: Solo for Ayumi⁠
    January 18 – 19, 2020, 12 – 6 pm⁠

    Book Launch: Tacet in Concert⁠
    January 18, 2020, 6:15 pm⁠
    at Schering Stiftung, Berlin⁠


    More information on the performance and book launch can be found HERE.

  • Out of Order | Works from the Haubrok Collection Part 2

    Neues Museum–Staatliches Museum für Kunst und Design Nürnberg, Nuremberg January 17 – March 1, 2020 www.nmn.de
    Out of Order | Works from the Haubrok Collection Part 2

    Ari Benjamin Meyers, The Lightning and its Flash, 2011, digital print on natural paper, thread bound, music stand, 22 pages, 32 x 45 cm
    Photo © Sebastiano Pellion di Persano


    Opening Performance
    Ari Benjamin Meyers
    The Lightning and its Flash (Solo for Conductor)
    Thursday, January 16, 2020, 6 pm


    Barbara and Axel Haubrok began collecting professionally at the end of the 1980s, and their collection now contains over 1000 works. Their focus is on international conceptual art at the turn of the millennium, covering the contemporary art of the last three decades. With their keen eye for thoughtful artists, they have made a name for themselves.

    Neues Museum has invited the Haubroks to develop a highly personal presentation for the main exhibition hall. The title Out of Order reflects the humor and non-conformity of these collectors who have a special appreciation for “untidy”, ambiguous and enigmatic work.

    In two parts following on from one another, the exhibition showcases the main focuses of the collection: sculpture, painting, drawings and photography. As Axel Haubrok explains, "Part 1 features only free-standing readymades and sculptures, Part 2 only hanging pictures, both underlining the conceptual approach of the collection and creating many new links between the works, especially since several artists are represented in both parts of the exhibition".


    More information can be found HERE.

  • Symposium with Ari Benjamin Meyers

    HGB Gallery, Academy of Fine Arts, Leipzig November 26 – 30, 2019 www.hgb-leipzig.de
    Symposium with Ari Benjamin Meyers

    Photo © Michael Chiu


    Ari Benjamin Meyers

    Symposium: Show and Try Again – Curatorial Program


    More information HERE

  • Film Screening with Ari Benjamin Meyers

    Babylon, Berlin November 15, Midnight www.videoart-at-midnight.de
    Film Screening with Ari Benjamin Meyers

    Image: Ari Benjamin Meyers, Four Liverpool Musicians (Bette, Budgie, Ken, Louisa), 2018

    Film still © Ari Benjamin Meyers⁠


    Screening: Four Liverpool Musicians (Bette, Budgie, Ken, Louisa), 2018⁠


    For the 2018 Liverpool Biennial, Ari Benjamin Meyers created a series of musical compositions that form the basis for film portraits of four musicians from Liverpool, or with musical ties to the city: Bette Bright (Deaf School), Budgie (Siouxsie and the Banshees/Big in Japan), Ken Owen (Carcass) and Louisa Roach (She Drew The Gun). ⁠


    More information can be found HERE.

  • Ari Benjamin Meyers at MCASB

    MCASB–Museum of Contemporary Art, Santa Barbara September 21 – November 3, 2019 www.mcasantabarbara.org
    Ari Benjamin Meyers at MCASB

    Ari Benjamin Meyers, Anthem, 2017
    Exhibition view: Tacet, Kasseler Kunstverein, Kassel, 2019
    Photo © Andrea Rossetti


    Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara (MCASB) is pleased to announce the United States solo institutional debut of Ari Benjamin Meyers. Kunsthalle for Music, co-founded with the Witte de With Center of Contemporary Art, Rotterdam and Spring Workshop, Hong Kong, is an itinerant institution dedicated to the presentation of music and music performance within the histories and environments of the visual arts.

    For Kunsthalle for Music, an especially selected ensemble performs an on-site exhibition of musical works, which are drawn from a repertoire or “collection” that includes existing and newly commissioned solos, duets, and group pieces composed by Meyers as well as other artists. Ari Benjamin Meyers: Kunsthalle for Music at MCASB will transform the museum into a contemporary space for live performance of musical work, eluding the barriers between rehearsal and performance, performers and audience.

  • Lecture with Ari Benjamin Meyers

    Musik-Akademie Basel (Main Building Z. 6-301), Basel June 18, 2019, 7 pm www.zeitraeumebasel.com
    Lecture with Ari Benjamin Meyers

    Photo © Michael Chiu⠀


    Ari Benjamin Meyers

    Lecture: On the Kunsthalle for Music


    More information HERE





  • Ari Benjamin Meyers at OGR

    OGR, Turin March 1 – April 14, 2019 www.ogrtorino.it
    Ari Benjamin Meyers at OGR

    Image: Ari Benjamin Meyers, K Club (Logo), 2019
    Graphic design: Mirjam Schlottner


    Ari Benjamin Meyers’ first institutional solo exhibition in Italy, In Concert, curated by Valentina Lacinio and Judith Waldmann, fills the space of OGR - Officine Grandi Riparazioni from March 1 to April 14, 2019 with something that goes beyond music: a variety of social interactions and experiences.


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  • Ari Benjamin Meyers at Kasseler Kunstverein

    Kasseler Kunstverein, Kassel Opening January 17, 2019 www.kasselerkunstverein.de
    Ari Benjamin Meyers at Kasseler Kunstverein

    Ari Benjamin Meyers, Duet, 2014, 2 scores on paper, 2 music stands, pdf file, instructions

    Photo © Paula Winkler


    Tacet, from Latin tacere, is a playing instruction in music. If it appears in a score, the instrumentalist or singer is required to pause during the marked interval – to remain silent. 

    Absence, silence and the idiosyncratic power of imagination and memory are performed in the first institutional solo survey exhibition of the American artist and composer – Ari Benjamin Meyers – in Germany. In Meyers’ enactment, the visitor enters a staged situation rather than an exhibition space. She or he inevitably becomes part of the scenario invoked in Tacet. Meyers – who in his work explores, transgresses and shifts the boundaries between the disciplines of music and art – combines in the Kasseler Kunstverein aspects of immersive theater with questions of contemporary art and music. 

    The installation refers to a selection of performances by the artist, all of which are missing the corresponding characteristics of music, sound and movement. Two voices eventually break through the silence in Tacet: the voice of the peculiar archivist performed by art historian Jörn Schafaff, and that of the visitor her or himself. 

  • Kunsthalle for Music featured in The New York Times

    January 24, 2018
    Kunsthalle for Music featured in The New York Times

    Kunsthalle for Music at Witte de With in Rotterdam was the subject of a recent feature by Nina Siegal in the New York Times. Led by Artistic Director Ari Benjamin Meyers, this exhibition includes a newly commissioned work by Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, as well as a repetoire of existing pieces collected from Anri Sala and Tino Sehgal, among other artists and composers. The exhibition also includes three of Meyers’ works: Serious ImmobilitiesDuet, and Anthem.


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    Find more about the exhibition here: www.kunsthalleformusic.org

  • Ari Benjamin Meyers: Music Is Not!

    Witte de With Centre for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam May 26-27, 2017 www.kunsthalleformusic.org
    Ari Benjamin Meyers: Music Is Not!

    Graphic: © Ari Benjamin Meyers/Kunsthalle for Music



    Kunsthalle for Music and its Artistic Director Ari Benjamin Meyers continue the unfolding of Kunsthalle for Music by addressing fundamental questions through a symposium of multiple modes: lectures, auditions, open workshops, and performances.


    The two-day symposium at Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art in Rotterdam will feature international practitioners from the fields of contemporary art, music, and theory. As part of the symposium, Witte de With will host a casting of the Kunsthalle for Music's future ensemble, which will invite selected performers to collaborate with composers towards the creation of music and performance works.


    The program was conceived by Ari Benjamin Meyers, Armen Avanessian, and Witte de With's Defne Ayas, Samuel Salemakers, and Rosa de Graaf.