• Spotlight: Julia Scher

    Spotlight: Julia Scher

    Photo © Jörg von Bruchhausen


    For our Spotlight this month we present Julia Scher's Security Landscape of the Year, 2002.


    Julia Scher’s Security Landscape of the Year consists of a pink foam board connected to a surveillance camera and a small monitor. The camera is directed at what is happening in front of the artwork and transmits it to the monitor: When standing in front of the work, viewers can watch themselves in the monitor.


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  • "The Challenge: We are in this together" – Esther Schipper for The New Institute

    Photo © Kristian Schuller


    For its December newsletter, titled "The Challenge: We are in this together", The New Institute asked Esther Schipper – among other thinkers and practitioners – to share her insights and analysis on the current global pandemic. For the occasion, Esther Schipper selected artworks by the gallery artists showing that the questions of viruses and pandemics have been among us for a long time.


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  • Artist Talk with Julia Scher

    Freie Universitat, Berlin January 30 2019, 6 – 8pm www.fu-berlin.de
    Artist Talk with Julia Scher

    Photo © Albrecht Fuchs


    On Wednesday January 30, from 6–8pm, Julia Scher will give a talk titled “Databound Vaginal Architectures” at the Freie Universitat, in Hörsaal 1B (Habelschwerdter Allee 45)