The 2000 exhibition press release read:


A pixel is the smallest conceivable picture element, which makes sense in a semantic way only when appearing within a group. When the square of light made by a single pixel is 50 x 50 cm, the distance between the viewer and the group of pixels must be large in order to discern the image.


The new pixel modules are complex RGB lighting systems, which are capable of creating millions of colors within the defined format of 50 x 50 x 50 cm. They can be generated and programmed with any digital information. The pixel modules were developed by Angela Bulloch and Holger Friese.


The space created by Angela Bulloch for this exhibition consists of different arrangements of pixel boxes. The sequence of images within these works was taken from the film Blow Up.


Angela Bulloch utilizes a key visual from the film Blow Up by Michelangelo Antonioni. The photographer, hiding behind a tree taking photos of a couple walking in the park. Later in the film, he blows up the photos to discover a murder.


In BLOW_UP T.V. this process of identification is extended by yet another magnification, exploding the image within a modular system.