Are you coming or going, around?, 2007



Are you coming or going, around?, Bulloch's 2007 solo exhibition with the gallery marked the beginning of a new body of work. The title of the exhibition was a play on words on the idea of orbiting or running around in circles — in this case, understood in opposition to the linear-teleological concept of progress.


For this exhibition, the artist introduced the first iteration of the now-iconic Night Sky series. Night Sky works are prepared using a program that maps the positions of the stars visible from the earth in a 3D virtual model of the universe. The artist selects an existing area of the sky but displaces the viewpoint away from Earth elsewhere in the universe, thus the final image represents the real stellar order but shown in a way that will never be seen from the earth. The change of perspective allows us to contemplate a myriad of possible ways of seeing the formations of the universe.