In Macro World: One Hour3 and Canned Angela Bulloch used material from BBC World: World News, Global Weather — the topography of an invisible world, presented to us merely as a map and as standardised, depersonalized platform. Every hour on the hour, at BBC World, an almost perpetually uniform program is broadcast worldwide, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


In the hour-long cycle of material there are deliberate mistakes placed into the program. They can be seen at intervals throughout the loop: A single pixel of a strange colour appears within the fractured image and grows across the screen. The mistakes block out the already not quite recognizable images of talking heads or landscape scenes, exactly the kind of images you see on standardised news programs like BBC World. An ambient sound track featuring the BBC World's corporate sound identity, called BBC World: The Music by David Lowe, accompanies the loop.


The work is 'framed' by a raised floor made of Euro palettes and a lowered ceiling of plastic mirror tiles.