Art fairs
Dezember 1—13, 2020

Daata Fair Miami

Online Only Art Fair

Esther Schipper is delighted to announce our participation in Daata Fair Miami—a new online art fair dedicated to showcasing the best of international contemporary video and digital art—with a presentation of David Claerbout's latest video installation: Wildfire (meditation on fire).

Despite its hyper realistic appearance, Wildfire (meditation on fire) is not a film shot on location. The 24-minute single channel video projection uses 3D computer techniques and a simple camera movement to depict a spectacular wildfire in an artificially rendered landscape. Moving at a very slow pace, views of a luscious forest slowly merge into dramatic—and hypnotic—still images of destructive flames. Projected on a large-scale free-standing screen, the work seems to absorb the viewer into its hellish scenery.