Esther Schipper is seeking a Fair Production Manager

Full time




  • Determination of requirements for installation of artworks planned for fairs
  • Ongoing communications with fairs & external contractors related to booth construction/architecture and special requirements
  • Liaising with Registrar, Artist Liaison, Art Handling & Graphics teams
    • Art Handling
      • Overview of checking, packing and unpacking of artwork for art fairs in collaboration with Art Handling team
      • Ensuring organization of extra material - technical specifics for artworks
    • Registrar  
      • Coordinating artwork locations and onsite deliveries with registrar team
    • Graphics 
      • Communication of booth architecture and artwork layout for model building
      • Preparation of video works 
    • Artist Liaison+ Production 
      • Monitoring and coordination of artwork productions for art fairs
      • Drawing of booth simulations – artworks with special requirements and studio approvals
      • Studio communications
  • Drawing and maintenance of booth sketch and handling of extra orders (Including lighting plan, electricity requirements and special orders related to specific artworks).
  • Responsible for fair budgets (installation costs)
  • Booking, schedule planing and management of onsite installation crew
  • Sourcing of special material for installation of works on booth
  • Post-fair reporting – work condition etc


On Demand Onsite Coordination

  • Point of contact at booth for Fair, Artists, External Staff, External Contractors, Freighters
  • Installation Overview onsite during install and demount
  • Ongoing communication with directors regarding work choice and placement adjustments onsite
  • Ensuring safe handling and packing of artwork during installation and demount


Please send applications by e-mail to

Walk-ins and phone calls will not be considered.