• Now Representing – Sojourner Truth Parsons

    Esther Schipper
    Now Representing – Sojourner Truth Parsons

    Sojourner Truth Parsons. Portrait © Cub


    Esther Schipper is delighted to announce representation of Sojourner Truth Parsons.

    "I am looking at art through my heart. Maybe that's selfish, but I want to find something I didn't know was there."

    —Sojourner Truth Parsons, 2016


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  • Jac Leirner, Us Horizon – Opening Saturday March 12, 2 – 8 pm

    Esther Schipper March 12 – April 14, 2022 www.estherschipper.com
    Jac Leirner, Us Horizon – Opening Saturday March 12, 2 – 8 pm

    Jac Leirner, Us Horizon, 1985 – 2022 (detail). Photo: Edouard Fraipont


    Jac Leirner
    Us Horizon
    March 12 – April 14, 2022
    Opening Saturday March 12, 2–8 pm


    Esther Schipper is pleased to present Us Horizon, Jac Leirner’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. Us Horizon will include a new work from Leirner’s acclaimed series constructed from ensembles of plastic shopping bags, and a new installation made of found numbered markers. Her conceptually rigorous and formally beautiful works draw on a wide array of art historical and formal influences, as well as embracing the transgressive legacies of Dada, Constructivism, Pop and Conceptual Art, Arte Povera, and Punk, among others.

  • Hito Steyerl’s Digital Visions by Merve Erme in The New Yorker

    Hito Steyerl’s Digital Visions by Merve Erme in The New Yorker

    The New Yorker
    Hito Steyerl’s Digital Visions
    By Merve Erme
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    'It would be wrong to claim that I first met the German artist Hito Steyerl on such-and-such day, insuch-and-such city, where the weather was bright or blustery, and that she arrived suitably dressed for this season or the next. It is more accurate to say that she simply appeared while I was waiting in the atrium of the Communist Party court, under a spectacular red banner from which the faces of Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Stalin bore down on me. One minute I was alone, and the next she was there—all yellow and smooth, except for the thick black cubes of her hands and her large, impassive face. Four black cats trailed her, in place of her shadow. “I spawned a lot of them, so they have multiplied,” she murmured. Suddenly, a kitten wobbled out from between her legs. “I made a baby!” she cried. When I tried to balance a puffer fish on my own blocky hand to feed thekitten, I pressed the wrong button, and kicked it instead.

    Kicking kittens is, I believe, usually discouraged, but in Minecraft, the sandbox video game in which players extract raw materials—water, wood, sugarcane, coal ore, gold, lapis lazuli—and use them to craft three-dimensional Legolands, the stakes of violence seem lower. The game is “a very good metaphor for how platforms really work,” Steyerl told me. Platforms seduce their users into performing the unpaid work of content creation—uploading the texts, photographs, videos, and music that are the raw material of the digital world—while mining their metadata to create newmarkets for corporate and military surveillance. “Many of the other platforms are quite devious,” she said. “We don’t really know whether your face is being used to train facial-recognition algorithms or something like that.” In the digital economy, free labor tenders a self-replenishing vein of gold for capital’s pickaxe.'

     Merve Erme for The New Yorker, February 2022

  • Thomas Demand – Centro Botín

    Centro Botín, Santander October 9, 2021 – March 6 2022 www.centrobotin.org
    Thomas Demand – Centro Botín

    Thomas Demand, Pond, 2020, C-Print / Diasec, 200 x 399 cm, edition of 6. Image © the artist


    Thomas Demand presents Mundo de Papel at Centro Botín, Santander. The exhibition is conceived as an installation combining photographs not previously shown and others selected by the artist and Udo Kittelmann, curator of the exhibition.

    For Mundo de Papel, Demand has designed an entire simulated urban landscape, composed of eight pavilions surrounded by wallpaper installations. Each pavilion hangs from the ceiling and serves as a display for his photographs and video works dating from 1996 to the most recent from 2021.

    Subjects include Whitney Houston’s last meal at the Beverly Hilton Hotel; the control room at Fukushima’s nuclear power plant; the recent Diamond Princess cruise ship stuck in quarantine; a pond with waterlilies like an impressionist painting; a red bow glowing in the sun or discarded plastic cups stuck on a mesh fence. Each scene is reconstructed with paper and cardboard using intricate folding and cutting techniques. After the model is built, he photographs them and discards the objects he created leaving only a visual narrative.

    Accompanying the exhibition will be a unique pop-up book including an essay by Nobel Prize-winning author Mario Vargas Llosa and with three-dimensional representations of the pavilions, produced by Thomas Demand and co-edited in collaboration with Fundación Botín and London-based publishers Mack Books. Demand will lead a special workshop in Santander during the exhibition.

  • Julia Scher – MAMCO, Geneva

    MAMCO, Geneva October 6, 2021 – January 30, 2022 www.mamco.ch
    Julia Scher – MAMCO, Geneva

    Julia Scher, Hidden Camera (Architectural Vagina), 1991/2018, JVC camcorder, bracket, organic fronds, (optional: monitor output, archival video footage), dimensions variable, unique in a series of three variations. MAMCO Collection, Geneva. Photo © Julien Gremaud


    The work of Julia Scher, which first appeared in the 1980s, is noteworthy for its systematic use of surveillance techniques, particularly CCTV. Scher’s technical background provided her with in-depth knowledge of a range of surveillance systems. She worked at a well-known security firm for a period of time before setting up her own company, Safe and Secure Productions. 


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  • Rosa Barba’s Open-Air Cinema and Premiere: Inside the Outset: Evoking a Space of Passage, 2021

    UN Buffer Zone, Deryneia, Cyprus Friday September 10, 2021, 8:30 pm
    Rosa Barba’s Open-Air Cinema and Premiere: Inside the Outset: Evoking a Space of Passage, 2021

    Rosa Barba, Inside the Outset: Evoking a Space of Passage, 2021. United Nations Buffer Zone, Deryneia, Cyprus. Open-air cinema Sculpture. Photo: Marios Stylianou © Rosa Barba


    Esther Schipper is is pleased to announce the inaugural ceremony of Rosa Barba’s Open-Air Cinema and premiere of her film Inside the Outset: Evoking a Space of Passage, 2021.

    Inside the Outset is a project that consists of two parts: a film and a long-term open-air cinema installation within the 180-kilometer UN-controlled "Green Line Buffer Zone" in Cyprus. This area divides the island between North and South, and forms the starting point of Rosa Barba’s artistic intervention.

    The project started seven years ago when Barba was invited by Point Centre for Contemporary Art in Nicosia and by the curator Mirjam Varadinis to Cyprus and proposed a cinema sculpture for the Buffer Zone. The inaugural ceremony of the Open-Air Cinema will take place in the presence of His Excellency the Ambassador of Italy to Cyprus on September 10, 2021, with the projection of Barba's film Inside the Outset: Evoking a Space of Passage along with films selected by the project’s Advisory Board of artists from each side of the Green Line and beyond. Visitors from both sides of the island will be able to enter the Buffer Zone, which is usually closed to civilians.

    In a recent article for The Brooklyn Rail, Rosa Barba discusses this project as well as her other current projects – Read it here



    Rosa Barba, Inside the Outset: Evoking a Space of Passage (2021)
    Open-Air Cinema and 16mm film transferred to digital and 8k film, sound, 31:15 min
    Produced by Point Centre for Contemporary Art, funded by the Italian Council.
    A collaboration with Famagusta Avenue Garage.
    Image: Marios Stylianou © Rosa Barba

  • Esther Schipper is pleased to announce the representation of Sarah Buckner

    Esther Schipper is pleased to announce the representation of Sarah Buckner

    Photo © Michael Trier


    Sarah Buckner was born in 1984 in Frankfurt, Germany. She studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Palermo and at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. Buckner lives and works in Cologne.

    Sarah Buckner's image world is inspired by multiple sources: real-life encounters, books, films and imagination. She has developed an intuitive and fluid approach that transforms these impressions through her material practice. Her works distil narratives into images full of mystery, their atmospheric scenes resonating with emotional potency—the exact nature of which remains elusive, even to the artist, she says.

    As Meret Held has written: “Between the concrete and the non-concrete, between the said and unsaid, she forms pictorial worlds that come very close to that of the dream. Like the dream, Sarah Buckner's paintings are determined by a mixture of (past) experienced, (present) acting and (forward-looking) premonition. We are taken from the real space into the dream world by certain, peculiarly present picture elements, but especially by the materiality of the paintings themselves, the oil paint, which carries the trace of painting in itself and with it the liveliness of the painter herself.”

    In 2020, Sarah Buckner was awarded the Residence NRW+ grant, and at the conclusion of the residency period presented her work in the solo exhibition Head over Heels at the Westfälischer Kunstverein in Münster in 2021.

    In 2021, Buckner's work was included in Esther Schipper's group exhibition L'Invitation au voyage. Buckner’s work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions across Europe and the US. Among her participations in institutional exhibitions are: Salon des Amateurs, Tramps, London (2018), Lia Pasqualino Noto / Casa Studio, Manifesta 12, Palermo (2018); 1001 Bild, Villa de Bank, Enschede (2018), Eggy and Seedy, Munchies, London (2017), Petto, L’Ascensore, Palermo (2015), Beyond the Stage, Canongate Venture Edinburgh (2013).

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  • steirischer herbst ’21 with Tino Sehgal and Hito Steyerl

    steirischer herbst ’21, Graz and Styria
    steirischer herbst ’21 with Tino Sehgal and Hito Steyerl

    Portrait, left © Trevor Paglen
    Portrait, right © Joachim Gern


    Esther Schipper is pleased to announce the participation of Tino Sehgal and Hito Steyerl in the festival steirischer herbst ’21 – The Way Out.


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  • Etienne Chambaud, Inexistence - Online Viewing Room

    Through August 28, 2021 www.estherschipper.com
    Etienne Chambaud, Inexistence - Online Viewing Room

    Exhibition view: Etienne Chambaud, Inexistence, Esther Schipper, Berlin, 2021. Photo © Andrea Rossetti


    Esther Schipper is pleased to present an Online Viewing Room dedicated to Etienne Chambaud’s exhibition Inexistence, the artist’s first with the gallery. The works included in the exhibitions are a scent and a sound installation, a sculptural work generating a pattern of temperatures, three light installations, glass works, bronze sculptures and modified panel paintings.

    Visit our OVR here

    The Online Viewing Room features an exhibition film in which Chambaud takes you through the exhibition. 

  • Simon Fujiwara, Who the Bær - Online Viewing Room

    Through July 14, 2021 www.estherschipper.com
    Simon Fujiwara, Who the Bær - Online Viewing Room

    Video still: Simon Fujiwara, Who for President, 2021, sculptural video installation, duration: 1:33 min. Video © Simon Fujiwara


    Esther Schipper and Dvir Gallery are pleased to present parallel Online Viewing Rooms on the occasion of Simon Fujiwara's solo exhibition at Kunstinstituut Melly, Rotterdam (on view through September 12, 2021).

    Visit our OVR here.

    For his first solo exhibition in the Netherlands, Simon Fujiwara presents works from his most recent project Who the Bær. Developed during the lockdown in the spring of 2020, Fujiwara created a unique cartoon character in the form of a denim wearing bear with a golden heart and an uncontrollably long tongue, that seemingly has no gender, race, sexuality or even a clear design. Without an identity, Who exists only as an image, a status that allows them the freedom to roam a world of online images, appropriating characters, identities, aesthetics and guises in a greedy search for a "self".

    Who the Bær is also at the centre of a major solo exhibition currently presented at Fondazione Prada in Milan, through September 27.

    Who the Bær can also be followed via their official Instagram account, @whothebaer.



  • FIAC Online Viewing Room

    March 4 – 7, 2021 https://fiac.viewingrooms.com/
    FIAC Online Viewing Room

    Martin Boyce, After Light, 2021, acrylic paint on perforated steel, aluminium, cellulose paint on cast bronze and bronze wire, 166,5 x 110 x 18 cm. Photo © Martin Boyce


    We are pleased to announce our participation in the first iteration of FIAC Online Viewing Room where we will present major works by Rosa BarbaMartin BoyceAngela BullochEtienne ChambaudGeneral IdeaAnn Veronica Janssens, Isa MelsheimerRoman OndakPhilippe Parreno, and Ugo Rondinone.


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  • Simon Fujiwara at Fondazione Prada

    Fondazione Prada, Milan March 2 – September 27, 2021 www.fondazioneprada.org
    Simon Fujiwara at Fondazione Prada

    Simon Fujiwara, Sculpture for Who the Bær, 2020
    Photo © Jörg von Bruchhausen


    For this new site-specific project conceived for the ground floor of the Podium in the Milan premises of Fondazione Prada, Simon Fujiwara introduces audiences to the fairytale world of Who the Bær, an original cartoon character that inhabits a fantasy universe created by the artist. Who the Bær is a cartoon bear without a clear character – “Who” as they are known, seems to have not yet developed a strong personality or instincts, they have no history, defined gender or even sexuality. Who the Bær only knows that they are an image, and they seek to define themselves in a world of other images.

    The world of Who the Bær is a flat, online world of pictures, yet one full of endless possibilities. Who the Bær can transform or adapt into any image they encounter, taking on the attributes and identities of those depicted within the image – human, animal or even object. In this sense the fantastical world of Who the Bær is a world of freedom: Who can be whoever they wish to be, Who can transcend time and place, Who can be both subject and object. Yet Who the Bær may never be able to overcome their one true challenge – to become anything more than just an image.

    Who the Bær’s fantasy adventures are presented at Fondazione Prada in a giant labyrinth made almost entirely from cardboard and recyclable materials and forming the shape of a giant bear. As visitors travel through the bear-like installation, they are introduced to the basic design and formation of the cartoon character of Who the Bær before embarking on a series of adventures that follow Who the Bær around their fairytale world. Told through drawings, collages, sculptures and animations, we witness Who the Bær in their perennial quest for an authentic self.

    Inspired by the tradition of fairytales as well as modern animation movies, Fujiwara uses the mechanisms of fantasy to explore some of the joys and traumas we face as a society possessed with images and spectacle.

    The exhibition is completed by a publication, which is part of Fondazione Prada’s Quaderni series. Conceived as an illustrated story book, it includes a conversation with the artist.

    The adventures of Who the Bær can be experienced on Instagram following their official account @whothebaer.


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  • Esther Schipper is pleased to announce the representation of Cemile Sahin

    Esther Schipper is pleased to announce the representation of Cemile Sahin

    Photo © Paul Niedermayer


    Cemile Sahin was born in Wiesbaden, Germany, in 1990. She studied Fine Arts at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London and at the Universität der Künste in Berlin. She lives and works in Berlin.⁠


    Sahin's artistic practice operates between film, photography, sculpture and text. Points of departure include both images and stories, which she stages in multimedia video installations. Her work questions the instrumentalization of media and the significance of diverse perspectives for the writing of history. Working with a variety of media, she explores how history and its narration changes when it is constructed through diverse—or even contradictory—points of view.⁠ ⁠


    Her debut novel TAXI was published in 2019, followed by her book Alle Hunde Sterben in 2020, both of which are important components of her artistic practice. In 2019 she was awarded the ars viva 2020 prize for Visual Arts. The same year she was a fellow of the JUNGE AKADEMIE at the Akademie der Künste Berlin.⁠ ⁠


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  • Lecture Livestream with Hito Steyerl

    Friday, January 22, 2021 at 12:00 P.M. EST, 6 P.M. CET
    Lecture Livestream with Hito Steyerl

    Hito Steyerl, SocialSim, 2020 Single channel HD video and live computer simulation Dancing Mania Duration: 18:19 min (single channel), Dancing Mania duration variable.  © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, 2021. Film still © Hito Steyerl


    On Friday, January 22, 2021, artist, filmmaker, and media theorist Hito Steyerl joins the Dramaturgies of Resistance collective for a discussion of recent work, including a live Q&A with the Zoom webinar audience.


    Hito Steyerl is an internationally renowned artist, filmmaker and scholar whose deft navigation of the disparate modes of art-making and theorizing continues to expand the ways we experience and examine the social roles of art and museums, experimentation with media and forms of presentation, and our interactions with realized and potential uses of artificial intelligence. At this unprecedented time, when it seems as if “everything is canceled,” Steyerl’s most recent work explores the complex relation between spread (of conspiracy theories no less than viral contagion) and simulation (from the automization of performance to our capacities for virtual interaction with statistical probability of human risk).



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  • Esther Schipper is pleased to announce the representation of Rosa Barba

    Esther Schipper is pleased to announce the representation of Rosa Barba

    Photo © Sara Masüger


    Rosa Barba was born in 1972 in Agrigento, Italy. She currently lives and works in Berlin.

    She studied at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne and has completed her PhD at the Malmö Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts, Lund University in 2018.

    She has been a visiting professor at MIT, ACT (Program in Art, Culture and Technology), in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Barba holds a professorship in Fine Arts at the University of the Arts, Bremen.

    Rosa Barba engages within the medium of film through a sculptural approach. In her works, Barba creates installations and site-specific interventions to analyze the ways film articulates space, placing the work and the viewer in a new relationship. Questions of composition, physicality of form and plasticity play an important role for the artist as Barba examines the industry of cinema and its staging vis-à-vis gesture, genre, information and documents. Her film works are situated between experimental documentary and fictional narrative. They often focus on natural landscapes and human-made interventions into the environment and explore the relationship of historical records, personal anecdotes, and filmic representation, creating spaces of memory and uncertainty.

  • Artist Talk with Philippe Parreno

    MoMA Online Wednesday, October 14, 2020, 12 pm (EST) www.moma.org
    Artist Talk with Philippe Parreno

    Photo © Ola Rindal


    Enjoy a discussion with artist Philippe Parreno, creator of the installation Echo, a "sensible and sentient automaton" that "lives" in MoMA's lobby and interacts with visitors, and hear about what he's working on and thinking about these days.


    An online lecture/panel discussion with Philippe Parreno
    Wednesday, October 14, 2020, 12 pm (EST)



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  • Book Launch with Liam Gillick

    Museo Madre, Naples Wednesday, September 9, 2020 at 6.30 pm www.madrenapoli.it
    Book Launch with Liam Gillick

    On Wednesday September 9, at 18.30, the Museo Madre will present the new publication by Liam Gillick: Standing On Top of a Building: Films 2008-2019 published in June 2020 by Edizioni Madre and arte’m.⁠

    After an introduction by the president of the Fondazione Donnaregina per le arti contemporanee, Laura Valente, Liam Gillick will be joined in conversation with the curators, Alberto Salvadori and Andrea Viliani.⁠

    The publication is the first retrospective dedicated exclusively to Liam Gillick’s film production.⁠



  • Artist Talk with Tomás Saraceno

    Musée du Louvre, Auditorium, Paris September 20, 2019, 2–7 PM www.louvre.fr
    Artist Talk with Tomás Saraceno

    Photo © Alfred Weidinger


    An Artist Talk with Tomás Saraceno and Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel.

  • Artist Lecture with Liam Gillick

    abk–Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Stuttgart July 11, 2019, 7 pm www.abk-stuttgart.de
    Artist Lecture with Liam Gillick

    Photo © Liam Gillick⁠


    In this presentation, Liam Gillick will discuss topics that correspond to his recent text for the e_flux journal, We Lived and Thought Like Pigs: Gilles Châtelet’s Devastating Prescience.


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  • Lecture with Ari Benjamin Meyers

    Musik-Akademie Basel (Main Building Z. 6-301), Basel June 18, 2019, 7 pm www.zeitraeumebasel.com
    Lecture with Ari Benjamin Meyers

    Photo © Michael Chiu⠀


    Ari Benjamin Meyers

    Lecture: On the Kunsthalle for Music


    More information HERE





  • Artist Discussion with Tao Hui

    Goethe Institut, Beijing June 12, 2019, 2-5 pm
    Artist Discussion with Tao Hui

    Photo © Mark Poucher


    The migration phenomenon is reflected in two aspects in China: urban and rural population movement; convection between foreign population and Chinese population. In Assemblage, Xia Yanguo invites five artists including Tao Hui, to think about these two aspects separately.


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  • Artist Talk with Tino Sehgal about Marcel Duchamp

    Staatliches Museum, Galerie Alte und Neue Meister, Schwerin April 25, 2019, 6 pm www.museum-schwerin.de
    Artist Talk with Tino Sehgal about Marcel Duchamp

    Photo © Asad Raza

  • Artist talk with Hito Steyerl

    Akademie der Künste, Pariser Platz, Berlin April 9, 2019, 7 pm www.adk.de
    Artist talk with Hito Steyerl

    Hito Steyerl, How Not to Be Seen: A Fucking Didactic Educational .MOV File, 2013⁣, single channel high definition digital video and sound in architectural environment

    Duration: 15:52 min

    Film still © Hito Steyerl⁣


    Hito Steyerl in conversation with Marius Babias⁣

    Steyerl’s artistic discourse orbits sociopolitical processes in theory and practice: postcolonial criticism, abuse of power, violence and the influences of globalization and digital life visualized in five mixed media installations. ⁣

    This year’s Käthe Kollwitz Prize winner responds by assembling and disassembling computer generated and real images as well as self-written texts. An artist talk will be held together with Marius Babias on 9 Apr 2019.⁣

    The talk will be held in German and tickets can be purchased here.

  • Visiting Artist Lecture with Liam Gillick

    College of the Arts & University of Florida February 19 2019, 6pm www.arts.ufl.edu
    Visiting Artist Lecture with Liam Gillick

    On February 19 2019, Liam Gillick with host a lecture at the College of the Arts & University of Florida.


    Read more about the event here.

  • Liam Gillick in conversation with Nicola Ricciardi

    OGR–Officine Grandi Riparazioni, Turin November 4, 2017, 11:30am www.amaci.org



    Liam Gillick in conversation with Nicola Ricciardi

    Exhibition view ...


    The Association of Italian Contemporary Art Museums (AMACI) and OGR–Officine Grandi Riparazioni in Turin announce Museums at The ‘Post-Digital’ Turn, the first major symposium conceived by AMACI.


    Museums at the ‘Post-Digital’ Turn will take place at the OGR in Turin over two days, November 3–4, and will encompass seven panels including a conversation between Liam Gillick and Nicola Ricciardi (Artistic Director, OGR, Turin).


    Read more about the symposium here


    This event is concurrent to Like a Moth to a Flame, an exhibition curated by Tom Eccles, Mark Rappolt and Liam Gillick at OGR–Officine Grandi Riparazioni and Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo in Turin (November 4, 2017 – January 14, 2018).

    Find out more about the exhibition here.

  • Anri Sala in conversation with Maud Page

    Courtyard Marquee, Sydney Observatory, Millers Point October 14, 2017, 12pm www.kaldorartprojects.org.au
    Anri Sala in conversation with Maud Page

    Anri Sala, The Last Resort, 2017

    42-channel sound installation including 38 altered snare drums, loudspeaker parts, snare stands, drumsticks, soundtrack and 4 speakers

    Duration 58:28 min, dimensions ø 850 cm


    Photo © Peter Greig



    On October 14, Anri Sala will share his insights into the conceptual and creative development of The Last Resort in a conversation with Maud Page, Deputy Director and Director of Collections, Art Gallery of New South Wales.


    Read more about the event here

  • Tomás Saraceno in conversation with Yasmil Raymond

    Chicago Cultural Center, Randolph Square, 78 E. Washington, Chicago October 5, 2017, 6pm www.arts.uchicago.edu
    Tomás Saraceno in conversation with Yasmil Raymond

    Exhibition view

    Our Interplanetary Bodies, 2017

    Asia Culture Center, Gwangju


    Photo © Andrea Rossetti



    On Thursday, October 5 at 6pm, Tomás Saraceno will be joined in convesation by Yasmil Raymond, Associate Curator at the Museum of Modern Art.


    This event is presented by Arts, Science + Culture Initiative and the Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry at the University of Chicago, the Chicago Architecture Biennial, and the Goethe Institut.


    Find out more about this event here.

  • Tomás Saraceno at Columbia University New York

    The Lantern, Lenfest Center for the Arts October 10, 2017, 6:30pm to 8pm www.lenfest.arts.columbia.edu
    Tomás Saraceno at Columbia University New York

    Tomás Saraceno Eclipse of the Aerocene Explorer, 2016

    Photo: © Studio Tomás Saraceno



    Join Tomás Saraceno for a lecture at The Lantern, Lenfest Center for the Arts in New York.


    This Event is co-presented by Columbia University School of the Arts; the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science; and the School of International and Public Affairs as part of Saraceno’s Fall 2017 visit to at Columbia University.


    Read more here: lenfest.arts.columbia.edu

  • Talk with Isa Melsheimer: Fading Architectures

    ZKR–Center for Art and Public Space, Schloss Biesdorf Berlin August 10, 2017, 6:30 PM


    Talk with Isa Melsheimer: Fading Architectures

    Exhibition view: Between Spaces, ZKR, Berlin

    Photo: Frank Sperling


    Join Isa Melsheimer for an artist talk at ZKR–Center for Art and Public Space, Schloss Biesdorf in Berlin. Entitled "Fading Architectures, Melsheimer will talk about the present and future of urban cityscapes and architectures. Read more about the event here: zkr-berlin.de

  • Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster Included In Art Basel Conversations

    Messe Basel Auditorium June 16, 11:30 Am www.artbasel.com
  • Ari Benjamin Meyers: Music Is Not!

    Witte de With Centre for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam May 26-27, 2017 www.kunsthalleformusic.org
    Ari Benjamin Meyers: Music Is Not!

    Graphic: © Ari Benjamin Meyers/Kunsthalle for Music



    Kunsthalle for Music and its Artistic Director Ari Benjamin Meyers continue the unfolding of Kunsthalle for Music by addressing fundamental questions through a symposium of multiple modes: lectures, auditions, open workshops, and performances.


    The two-day symposium at Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art in Rotterdam will feature international practitioners from the fields of contemporary art, music, and theory. As part of the symposium, Witte de With will host a casting of the Kunsthalle for Music's future ensemble, which will invite selected performers to collaborate with composers towards the creation of music and performance works.


    The program was conceived by Ari Benjamin Meyers, Armen Avanessian, and Witte de With's Defne Ayas, Samuel Salemakers, and Rosa de Graaf.

  • David Claerbout in conversation with J.J. Charlesworth

    Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Barcelona March 15, 2017 at 3pm www.fundaciotapies.org
    David Claerbout in conversation with J.J. Charlesworth

    David Claerbout

    Olympia (The Real Time Disintegration Into Ruins Of The Berlin Olympic Stadium Over The Course Of A Thousand Years), 2016
    Two-channel video installation (color, stereo sound, HD animation)

    Duration: 1000 years
    Exhibition view: KINDL Centre for Contemporary Art, Berlin, 2016

  • Christopher Roth: J.G. Ballard Screening and Conversation with Christopher Petit

    Decad, Berlin April 29, 2017 at 3pm www.decad.org
    Christopher Roth: J.G. Ballard Screening and Conversation with Christopher Petit


    Christopher Roth and Armen Avanessian

    Hyperstition, 2015, HD film, Blueray player and non-removable disc

    Duration: 113 minutes with an eight-minute break

    Photo © Christopher Roth