Ex Libris, 2016

Karin Sander
Book, pompons and staples on paper
Buch, Bommeln und Heftklammern auf Papier
21 x 29,7 cm (paper work), 31 x 33,5 x 2 cm (book), 2 parts
21 x 29,7 cm (Papierarbeit), 31 x 33,5 x 2 cm (Buch), zweiteilig
Edition of 50 plus 12 artist's proofs
Karin Sander: „Why this children’s book by Dieter Roth: In search of a particular material, I came upon the small colourful pompons that reminded me of bobble caps and games with marbles – and especially of a children’s book by Dieter Roth, which had given me such pleasure on my first trip to Reykjavik in 2003. Dieter Roth said himself that ‘every child would be bored’. For me, however, it would have certainly been one of my favourite books. The pages are printed with red, blue and yellow rectangles and circles; geometrically abstract, like a board game. For the special edition accompanying the reprint of this children’s book for Salon Verlag, my red-white, blue-white and yellow-white woollen balls, which simply fall onto the paper and are stapled where they happen to land, are thus a kind of continuation of this into the third dimension. A small, round piece of paper will be cut out of the new white cover using a hole puncher. This piece of paper will then be signed, fall somewhere inside the book and glued in place as the Ex Libris. As though through a spy hole in a door, you can now look through the small hole into the inside of the closed book. The colour of the page behind it pushes outward and shines red through the hole of the cover; when the cover of the spiral-bound book is flipped over, the hole suddenly appears blue. This is complemented by the ‘typeface’ for the title, as well as the names of the author and the publisher, which consists of 1,540 further holes and thus makes the new dust jacket for the children’s book appear transparent.“