Jockey Short Shopping Bag, 1991-1998

General Idea
Altered Jockey-brand undershorts
Veränderte Unterhose der Marke Jockey
77 x 40 cm (flat)
77 x 40 cm (flach)
Edition of 100
This edition by General Idea consists of a pair of Jockey-brand undershorts, complete with elastic shoulder straps and a machine embroidered “General Idea” label, that have been sewn-up to act as a shopping bag or purse.

The work was conceived by the group in 1991 and executed in 1998 by its surviving member, AA Bronson, after the death of Jorge Zontal and Felix Partz from AIDS-related illness. It was produced as an edition of 100, now sold out, by Texte zur Kunst in Berlin.

The idea of appropriation is central to many of General Idea’s artworks. During their 25-year career, the group drew on formats and aesthetics from sources in popular culture, archeology, and fine art. Through mimicry, General Idea played with viewer’s expectations, reworking familiar forms in order to forward a critical and satirical view of art, culture and media.

The edition comes in a plastic bag with a facsimile of the project's original sketch.