Europe, Comma, Cube, 2019

Angela Bulloch
Print on Alu-Dibond, turquoise PU-hardfoam rivet in two parts joined with screws, permanent ink, soundtrack (part one of The Wired Salutation, music performed by David Grubbs, Andrea Belfi & Stefano Pilia)
Druck auf Alu-Dibond, türkiser PU-Hartschaum-Niet in zwei Teilen mit Schrauben verschraubt, permanente Tinte, Soundtrack (Teil eins von The Wired Salutation, Musik von David Grubbs, Andrea Belfi & Stefano Pilia)
50 x 35 x 1 cm (19 3/4 x 13 3/4 x 3/8 in)
Edition of 20 plus 5 artist's proofs
Europe, Comma, Cube consists of a print on Alu-Dibond that hangs on a nail on the wall from a rhombic turquoise PU-hardfoam rivet. The rivet has a central opening through which the wall is visible. The print shows a tiled cube pattern. The tiled motif is based on classical geometric pattern which has been shaped into a comma and subtly bent. The pattern provokes a perceptual illusion that entails a back and forth between seeing the motive of a cube in a two-dimensional plane and then again as representation of three-dimensional vector space and all within the perimeter of a punctuation mark, the comma.

This edition is literally linked to music as well. Please download the CP Clicker App from the App Store and point the scanner at the edition. You can scan the edition with your phone, which connects to a sound file of the first part of Bulloch’s musical collaboration – The Wired Salutation via CP Clicker. This will automatically link to the sound file held on the sever for this edition.

The work is signed and numbered on the back.