, 2019

Christopher Roth
Embroidered patch
Design: Diann Bauer
20 x 3 cm (7 7/8 x 1 1/8 in)
Edition of 18 plus 2 artist's proofs is a project presented by Christopher Roth that bring together television and contemporary art. The project comprises three TV stations:

REALTY-V is an “attempt to get the better of gentrification” and a long-term project by Tirdad Zolghadr (Associate Curator at KW).
It focuses on the role of contemporary art in the recent history of urban renewal.
The logo was designed by Diann Bauer.
“REALTY-V is about urbanism, the global and the local, and the future.”

Mainly shows content produced by Arno Brandlhuber (Chair of Design, Architecture Department, ETH, Zurich) and his students.
The mission is “to build and run a TV-station”.
The theme for the last semester was: “Real Virtuality”.
S+ runs its own TV facilities within the department of architecture.
The logo was designed by Manuel Bürger

Filmed in a studio at the Fahrbereitschaft in Berlin-Lichtenberg, the station explores and re-invents the onetime spirit of television as a democratic tool for broadcasting artistic, political and utopian ideas.
Many artists of the 1970s were engaged in TV production, e.g. Ed Ruscha, Richard Serra, Andy Warhol, Dara Birnbaum, or Bruce Nauman.
The logo was designed by Angela Bulloch.