Security By Julia (Dispenser), 2020

Julia Scher
Disinfectant dispenser
29,5 x 16,5 x 10,5 cm (11 5/8 x 6 1/2 x 4 1/8 in)
Edition of 35 plus 5 artist's proofs
Security By Julia (Dispenser) is an edition by Julia Scher. It consists of a disinfectant dispenser labelled 'Security By Julia', reminding us of the current global pandemic and our daily habit of hand-sanitization.

Emerging in the mid 1980s as precise but playful analyst of social and technological changes, Julia Scher has been dealing with video surveillance for more than 30 years. Her work addresses surveillance both as a concrete phenomenon of control, including its apparatus and architecture, as well as its impact on private and public sphere. Very early on, her performance and video installations drew attention to the effects of increasingly ubiquitous cameras and monitors, anticipating our surveillance alienated society.