Blau Montag Lampshade, 2020

Liam Gillick
Drum lampshade
40 x ΓΈ 25 cm (65 x 10 in)
Edition of 50
The lettering of Blau Montag runs along the lampshade repeating the phrase "dayindayout" in a continuous script without spaces. The work might refer to the sometime exploitative labor practices in industrial societies, an ongoing topic of the artist's work, but it may also allude to the subjective experience of seemingly endless workdays.

The uninterrupted line of letters is both a fragmentary text and a self-sufficient visual sign. As the words blur together, the piece seems to enact the repetition and monotony of certain labor practices.

The title refers to "Blue Monday," the 1983 hit song by the group New Order. In addition, the phrase "day in day out" refers to the lyrics of a song by Joy Division called "Digital."

The work draws on Gillick's 2002 large-scale vinyl work Bluer Monday for which the phrase "dayindayout" runs in a continuous script along the walls of a room.