Nathan Carter
Oil based ink on paper
50,2 x 70,5 cm (19 3/4 x 27 3/4 in) (unframed)
Edition of 24
Nathan Carter's print Fascinator draws on the formal vocabulary conceived for his series of playful imaginary gifts. The word “fascinator” refers to a type of headpiece attached to a comb or headband.

Nathan Carter is known for creating fictional worlds. His objects, images and titles fuse elements of storytelling, the visual language of surrealist erotic illustration, cartography, celestial navigation charts, subversive music, outsider subcultures and the history of abstraction in order to make maps and fluid atmospheric landscapes that serve as sculptural way-finding diagrams leading to intentional communities. The artist’s inspirations have always been eclectic and wide-ranging. His art develops from this voracious intake of information, images, music, popular culture & mass media but also from a culture of exchange of ideas, language, accumulation of shapes, colors, crossing boundaries of media, mining the exuberance of the visual world and of all social interaction.