Printed Cinema, 2004-

Rosa Barba
Archival box set with 22 journal issues and subscription for future volumes
Edition of 200 plus 50 artist's proofs
Since 2004, Rosa Barba has regularly published Printed Cinema, a kind of readable and portable film, to express and dismantle the cinematic organism. The series, which won the 2006 Artist Book Award at the Ontario Association of Art Galleries, is printed alongside Barba’s film projects, creating a supplementary literature, sourced from film stills, text, and photographs and including research material and unused filmic fragments. Each issue is published on the occasion of an exhibition, where it is distributed for free for the limited time of the show.

The artist explains, “The publication project Printed Cinema continues my audiovisual work as a personal reflection on the essence of the cinematographic: images are merely articulated in the space in between images. Gaps, ellipses, dialectics between images—essentially modernist notions—are essential in that respect. In Printed Cinema, this is expressed in the editing principle, as well as in the oppositions between film and printing, between text and image. The specific distribution method, of course, extends the project into a wide range of cultural and social contexts. In this way, Printed Cinema challenges the outer edges of the artist’s book. Mechanisms proper to the film medium find their translation in a different context.”

This collection published by Dancing Foxes Press, Brooklyn, brings all issues of Printed Cinema together in a handsome archival and expandable case. The purchase of the edition comes with an ongoing subscription to future issues. (The first ten issues were published in 2008 as a box set by the Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König and quickly sold out.)

The publication box comes with a subscription for the future issues of Printed Cinema with no additional costs for the acquiring party. The issues will be sent to the box owners as they are published.

Publisher: Dancing Foxes Press