Offering to Saint-Martin, 2021

Gabriel Kuri
pH neutral cellophane (case), customised protective box
6 x 32 x 52 cm (2 3/8 x 12 5/8 x 20 1/2 in)
Edition of 200 plus 5 special Augmented Edition
Inspired in joss paper offerings widely used in funerals in Hong Kong, Kuri´s also contains realistic volumetric paper renderings of material objects of aspiration, desire and status. These paper boxes with depictions of commodities and consumer articles -ranging from the generic to the brand specific- are ceremonially burned in order to rise up and accompany the deceased onto the afterlife, providing everlasting wealth or that which the individual may have wished for but could not afford. Like these traditional offerings, Kuri´s is also adorned with words and phrases that set the mood for transcendence.

Kuri has shown sustained interest in producing books over the years, with particular interest in paper for both its materiality, and its properties as a carrier of information and value. Parallel to the echo or representation of artworks in the book form, offering provides its light-weight and scaled down portable version of an otherwise larger presence, further rendered vulnerable in its potential transformation into ashes and smoke.

This special edition was launched on the occasion of Kuri´s presentation, Saint-Martin Bookshop in June 2021.