Outlet (IV), 2014

Jean-Pascal Flavien
Electrical outlet, vacuumed blue plastic, Plexiglas, screws
Steckdose, vakuumiertes Plastik (blau), Plexiglas, Schrauben
10 x 10 x 5 cm
The work is a functioning outlet. The actual socket takes up one quarter of the square’s surface. This creates the impression of a modular configuration, as if four squares were joined. Another section has one, two or three small holes, by which the work is fastened to the wall. The arrangement of the holes strongly recalls the dots on dominoes, adding a playful quality to a technical appliance that often goes unnoticed.
The everyday elements (such as the outlet) function to heighten the spectators’ awareness of the habitual expectations brought to public and to private spaces and to question these categorizations. Jean-Pascal Flavien's work explores how architecture shapes our experience of space but also how it can more fundamentally determine our experience of ourselves and of others.