Nathan Carter

Clandestine radios and concealed kitchens
Paperback 150 pages
Publisher: onestar press
Dimensions: 14 x 22,5 cm
Language: English
Nathan Carter: Clandestine radios and concealed kitchens
€ 35.00

What do Agent Katsudon, Agent Yeni Raki,The Countess Vodcula, The Albatross, The Sicilian, The Chef de Cuisine, Mr. Bernard, Agent Bobcat, The Buddha and the "WAH" have in common?
They all belong to a mysterious fraternity of darkly bespectacled agents and clandestine radio/signal operators who navigate a maze of shifting loyalties and alliances while risking their lives in sensational car chases. They send encrypted messages into the foggy ether of the night sky and then have a savory snack baked in a concealed kitchen, embedded with a piece of micro-film alluding to future covert affairs. Allies could potentially be enemies. Loyalty is bought, betrayal is a way of life and in Paris there are often several ways to look at things…


– onestar press