Karin Sander

Museumsbesucher 1:8
Editors: Marion Ackermann, Raimund Stecker, 2013
Publisher: Walther König
ISBN: 9783863353469
Dimensions: 17,5 x 24,5 cm
Language: English, German
Karin Sander: Museumsbesucher 1:8
€ 148.00

''In this opulent volume, Karin Sander presents her extraordinary 3D bodyscan project, with which she suspends the boundary between the functions of the museum and the artist's atelier, transforming the museum into a place of production, with the public as its focus. Plaster depictions of the visitors are created with the help of her own 3D-camera recording technique (bodyscan). The forms of the figures are determined by the subjects themselves, through their gestures, poses and special accessories. Karin Sander's bodyscan figures, which are produced and exhibited in the laboratory, not only make the process of production visible, but simultaneously present the beholder with their own likeness as an exhibit.''


– Verlag Buchhandlung Walther König