Pierre Huyghe

Essays by E. Lavigne (ed.), A. Barikin, T. Garcia, V. Normand, 2014
Publisher: Hirmer
ISBN: 978-3-7774-2249-7
Dimensions: 28 x 21 cm
Language: English, German
Pierre Huyghe
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"For a decade, Pierre Huyghe has been increasingly concerned with nature. He develops his works on the basis of found spaces and situations. Closed systems of living beings and artefacts, which he leaves to their own rhythm in the exhibition context, form the focus of his current work. The catalogue book presents over 90 projects with various media from over 20 years – such as objects, installations, photographs, films, drawings or music. Personal notes on the individual works provide an intimate insight into the world of thought of the internationally successful artist and the creative process of the projects."

– Hirmer Verlag