Ari Benjamin Meyers

Music on Display
Marie-France Rafael, 2016
Publisher: Walther König
ISBN: 9783863358815
Dimensions: 18 x 10 cm
Language: English
Ari Benjamin Meyers: Music on Display
€ 9.80

Ari Benjamin Meyers plumbs the boundaries between contemporary art and music. In his artistic practice, Meyers explores the immaterial and social nature of music and searches at the same time for new formal and visual languages to display it. In his work the constant permutation of different levels of time and space creates situations in which a 'series of futures' are produced - thereby modifying the present by opening endless possibilities. 

This interview with Ari Benjamin Meyers highlights a multifacted body of work by an artist who works not only with different media but also at the border of the arts. In this conversation, Meyers explains his artistic practice and reflects on his own status in the field of art, or what it means to be a visual artist with musical training and history. Thus one of his principle artistic engagements is how to present and display music. 

Marie-France Rafael (b. 1984 Munich) holds a Ph.D. in Art History. She is a lecturer at Free University (FU) Berlin, the University of Arts (UdK) Berlin as well as at the Academy of Fine Arts Münster. She studied Art History and Film Studies in Berlin and Paris. 

Ari Benjamin Meyers (b. 1972 New York) trained as a composer and conductor at the Juillard School, Yale University, and Peabody Insitute. At the core of his artistic creation lies the question of the representability of music in the field of contemporary art. Meyers is interested in developing situations in which the possibility of a musical experience arises - irrespective of whether anything can actually be heard or not.