Philippe Parreno

Gropius Bau Sommer 2018
Contributors: Emanuele Coccia, Esther Leslie, Zoe Stillpass, Thomas Oberender (ed.), Angela Rosenberg (ed.), 2018
Publisher: Walther König
ISBN: 978-3-96098-390-3
Dimensions: 33 x 23 cm
Language: English / German
Philippe Parreno: Gropius Bau Sommer 2018
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"Philippe Parreno transforms the Gropius Bau into a gigantic automaton, driven by a bio-reactor. Yeast cultures multiply and set architecture, light, sounds and images in motion. Connected to computers, these microorganisms develop a collective intelligence, a memory that uses complex algorithms to orchestrate the temporal and spatial events of the exhibition. The catalogue covers aspects like immersion, simulation and reincarnation and show how the artist blurs the boundaries between reality and fiction, creating a choreography of absence and presence that challenges our knowledge of the simultaneity of things and their control."
– Verlag Buchhandlung Walther König