Ryan Gander

The Annotated Reader
Paperback 480 pages
Publisher: Dent-De-Leone
ISBN: 978-907908-54-5
Dimensions: 23,3 x 16,7 cm
Language: English
Ryan Gander: The Annotated Reader
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Ryan Gander’s oeuvre evokes fictional spaces, institutions and figures. His work is extremely varied, unified more by a conceptual vision than by formal appearance. It often combines fictional presence and absences, creating objects that refer to events, other absent objects, art works or persons, both real and imaginary.


"THE ANNOTATED READER is a publication-as-exhibition and exhibition-as-publication featuring 281 creative personalities responses and remarks on a chosen piece of writing. Ryan Gander and Jonathan P. Watts invited a range of people, encompassing contemporary artists, designers, writers, institutional founders, musicians and so on – to imagine they’ve missed the last train."

- Dent-De-Leone, 2019