Roman Ondak

History Repeats Itself
Paperback 184 pages
Publisher: Verlag der Buchhandlung König
ISBN: 978-3-96098-208-1
Dimensions: 22 x 18 cm
Language: Danish, English
Roman Ondak: History Repeats Itself
€ 24.90

This publication was published on occasion of the artists' exhibition History Repeats Itself at Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg in 2017. It is a personal and metaphysical journey into the landscapes of history and youth of Roman Ondak. Roman Ondak works with conceptual art, that is: art based on an idea. Like the father of conceptual art, Marcel Duchamp, Roman Ondak works with found objects. He revitalises the genre by placing the "object" in a broader context, which allows new stories to arise - with both personal, poetic and political power.