Karin Sander

Skulptur / Sculpture / Scultura
Softcover 226 pages
Publisher: Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König
ISBN: 9783960988564
Dimensions: 29,7 x 42 cm
Language: Italian, English, German
Karin Sander: Skulptur / Sculpture / Scultura
€ 90.00

The new publication by Karin Sander presents itself – like many of her monographs – with its own concept, its own logic, its own order on 224 pages. The sequence of the illustrations is based on the size of the works, from the smallest to the largest work, and in the same way the illustrations are shown in relation to the work from small to large, pushing the respective text to the work to the edge of the page in ever smaller font sizes. Andreas Uebele was responsible for concept, design and typesetting.

– Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König