On View at the Gallery

On View at the Gallery

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June 21 – August 28, 2021
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Esther Schipper is pleased to present Etienne Chambaud’s exhibition Inexistence, and Rosa Barba's Fixed in Fleeting: Performative Objects and Tape Journals, through August 28, 2021.


Visit us this summer in Palma de Mallorca, through July 31, for a special exhibition entitled En la casa de Marqués [Inside Marqués House].


From August 19 we will open a special exhibition at PPP / PPAPER Space in Taipei's Zhongshan District. 



It is currently not required to book an appointment or to present a Covid-19 test result to enter our Berlin Gallery.

Walk-in visitors will be asked to leave their contact details. Only a limited number of visitors will be admitted at a time.

Wearing a FFP2 face mask throughout the gallery and maintaining physical distance of 1,5 m from other visitors and members of our staff is mandatory.


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  • Etienne Chambaud – Inexistence

    Etienne Chambaud – Inexistence

    Through August 28, 2021




    Etienne Chambaud’s exhibition Inexistence, the artist’s first with the gallery, includes a scent and a sound installation, a sculptural work generating a pattern of temperatures, three light installations, glass works, bronze sculptures and modified panel paintings – addressing multiple senses—olfactory, auditory, visual and touch.


    Watch the Exhibition Film


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  • Rosa Barba – Fixed in Fleeting: Performative Objects and Tape Journals

    Rosa Barba – Fixed in Fleeting: Performative Objects and Tape Journals

    Through August 28, 2021




    Esther Schipper presents Rosa Barba, Fixed in Fleeting: Performative Objects and Tape Journals in advance of the artist’s major solo exhibition at Berlin’s Neue Nationalgalerie, opening on August 22. In addition, a special boxed edition of the artist’s series of publications, Printed Cinema, released by Dancing Foxes Press, Brooklyn, will be launched on occasion of her first presentation with the gallery.

  • En la casa de Marquès

    En la casa de Marquès

    Through July 31, 2021



    Visit us this summer for a special exhibition entitled Inside Marquès House in Palma de Mallorca held at the former residence of Martí Marquès Marquès, a historic house dating back to the 14th century, previously owned by the 19th century bourgeois.


    With works by: Rosa Barba, Stefan Bertalan, Martin Boyce, Sarah Buckner, Angela Bulloch, Etienne Chambaud, Jean-Pascal Flavien, Ceal Floyer, Simon Fujiwara, Ryan Gander, Francesco Gennari, Liam Gillick, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Rodney Graham, Ann Veronica Janssens, Gabriel Kuri, Isa Melsheimer, Florin Mitroi, Roman Ondak, Ugo Rondinone, Anri Sala, Karin Sander, Julia Scher, and Daniel Steegmann Mangrané.


    Tuesday – Saturday 12 – 8 PM & by appointment


    Casa Museo Can Marquès

    Carrer de Can Anglada, 2A
    07001 Palma de Mallorca
    Tel: +49 (0) 173 6399831


    Should you have any questions about this special exhibition, please contact Marek Obara: obara@estherschipper.com

  • Esther Schipper in Taipei

    Esther Schipper in Taipei

    August 19 – September 10, 2021



    Esther Schipper is pleased to announce the opening of its summer off-site exhibition in Taipei.


    Visit us from August 19 – September 10, 2021 for a special exhibition with works by Martin Boyce, Thomas Demand, Simon Fujiwara, Ryan Gander, General Idea, Andrew Grassie, Pierre Huyghe, Ann Veronica Janssens, Gabriel Kuri, Roman Ondak, Philippe Parreno, and Ugo Rondinone.


    August 19 – September 10, 2021


    PPP / PPAPER Space
    No. 2, Ln. 26, Sec. 2, Zhongshan N. Rd.,
    Zhongshan Dist., Taipei, Taiwan

  • Concurrent exhibitions in Berlin

    With on-going Covid-19 regulations it is recommended you check the visitor information of each respective institution when planning your visit.


    with Pierre Huyghe

    Through August 22, 2021


    Sun Rise | Sun Set brings together contemporary and 20th century artists to form a multi-layered response to the fast unfolding ecocatastrophe. The selected works permeate one another, creating small organisms and turning Schinkel Pavillon into a surreal landscape, highlighting the interconnectivity between humans, animals, plants, inanimate objects, technologies and non-beings.


    With works by: Monira Al Qadiri, Karl Blossfeldt, Dora Budor, Max Ernst, Joan Fontcuberta, Karrabing Film Collective, Max Hooper Schneider, Pierre Huyghe, Emma Kunz, Richard Oelze, Precious Okoyomon, Neri Oxman, Jean Painlevé, Pamela Rosenkranz, Rachel Rose, Henri Rousseau, Torbjørn Rødland, Ryūichi Sakamoto, Anj Smith

    Click here to watch a tour with Schinkel Pavillon curator, Agnes Gryczkowska.


    Schinkel Pavillon

    Oberwallstraße 32
    10117 Berlin


  • Diversity United

    Diversity United

    with Roman Ondak, Ugo Rondinone and Anri Sala

    Through September 19, 2021



    At Flughafen Tempelhof an expansive group exhibition with works by Roman Ondak, Ugo Rondinone and Anri Sala is on view. Entitled Diversity United, the trans-national exhibition with paintings, sculptures, videos, new media, photographies, installations, drawings and object of art by about 90 artists from 34 countries.


    Flughafen Tempelhof, Hangar 2+3

    Entrance from Columbiadamm 10

    10965 Berlin


  • Anything Goes? Berlin Architecture in the 1980s

    Anything Goes? Berlin Architecture in the 1980s

    with Isa Melsheimer

    Through August 16, 2021



    Widely labelled “postmodern”, it drew on structural typologies and stylistic devices from the past and tested alternative urban lifestyles. In the run-up to the celebrations marking 750 years since the original town charter, the entries submitted to the “Internationale Bauausstellung” in West Berlin in 1984/87 and the “Bauausstellung” of 1987 in East Berlin turned the city into a kind of architectural laboratory observed from well beyond its boundaries. Even at the design stage, some were already attracting criticism as artistically misguided, and significant examples of this era in architecture have since disappeared, been revamped or else threatened by demolition.

    This exhibition is the first attempt to show who and what set their stamp on the buildings and visions developed for East and West Berlin in the final decade before the Wall fell. Installations by artist Isa Melsheimer and the Guerilla Architects offer a contemporary perspective on the postmodern architectures on show.

    Berlinische Galerie

    Alte Jakobstraße 124-128

    10969 Berlin


  • Martin Boyce: Recurring Dreams

    Martin Boyce: Recurring Dreams

    Through September 4, 2021



    Martin Boyce's lyrical objects and installations from the Haubrok Collection are largely based on the formal language of the brothers Jan and Joël Martel, who worked together with the architect Robert Mallet-Stevens in Paris on the intersection of Art Deco, Cubism, and Bauhaus. The Concrete Trees, to which martin refers in various works, are particularly well known. The exhibition entitled Recurring Dreams consists exclusively of works from the Haubrok Collection.

    —Axel Haubrok



    Herzbergstraße 40–43
    10365 Berlin



    Special Open Day at FAHRBEREITSCHAFT – June 26, 2021, 12 – 7 pm.


  • Ways of Seeing Abstraction – Works from the Deutsche Bank Collection

    Ways of Seeing Abstraction – Works from the Deutsche Bank Collection

    with Karin Sander

    Through February 7, 2022



    Aspects of contemporary abstract art, coupled with historical reminiscences, are the focus of the third exhibition showcasing works from the Deutsche Bank Collection at the PalaisPopulaire. The selection includes some 168 works from 1959 to 2021.


    Karin Sander's work Wandstück / Wall piece is created by removing an extremely thin layer of paint with all its irregularities, about one-tenth of a millimeter thick, from the wall surface. By sanding the wall down numerous times using increasingly fine sandpaper, the wall beneath, which is covered with emulsion paint, is polished to a high gloss. The picture is created not by applying material but by removing it. The polished surfaces of the wallpieces mirror sections of their surroundings and alter their composition according to the position from which they are contemplated.


    Palais Populaire

    Unter den Linden 5

    10117 Berlin


  • Sculpture Park

    Sculpture Park

    with Angela Bulloch



    Heavy Metal Stack of Six: Greige is from a series of sculptures—assembled from modular shapes—that combine Angel Bulloch's interest in the logic of geometry and seriality with graphic and sculptural qualities. The surface of the vertically assembled rhomboid shapes, painted in three colors, creates an optical illusion of pushing and pulling planes, giving the work an almost abstract quality, shifting between two and three dimensions.


    Haus am Waldsee, Sculpture Park
    Argentinische Allee 30

    14163 Berlin

  • Arbeit am Gedächtnis – Transforming Archives

    Arbeit am Gedächtnis – Transforming Archives

    with Cemile Sahin

    Through September 19, 2021



    Cemile Sahin, who joined the gallery this January, is presenting a project at the Akademie der Künste. Her new film, entitled Bad People, Bad News, centers on three Kurdish women who gather every year in a hotel to commemorate the death of Sadam Hussein. Screened within an environment, the film explores the consequences of diaspora on memory and identity.


    Arbeit am Gedächtnis – Transforming Archives

    Through September 19, 2021


    Akademie der Künste

    Pariser Platz 4

    10117 Berlin


  • 6 out of 60 / Black and White

    6 out of 60 / Black and White

    with Isa Melsheimer

    Through September 26, 2021



    Two new ceramic works by Isa Melsheimer are on view in a group exhibition entitled 6 out of 60 / Black and White at the Käthe Kollwitz Museum located in Fasanenstraße in Berlin’s Charlottenburg neighborhood, next to Literaturhaus Berlin and Villa Grisebach, the venue of Grisebach auction house. 


    Käthe Kollwitz Museum

    Fasanenstr. 24

    10719 Berlin



  • Intimacy: New Queer Art from Berlin and Beyond

    Intimacy: New Queer Art from Berlin and Beyond

    with AA Bronson and Simon Fujiwara

    Through August 30, 2021


    Intimacy is one of the central topics in queer art. Here, the relationship between the public and the private is expressed in a distinctive way. Even though it can be risky for queer minorities to make their intimate relations public, new forms and versions of intimacy have constantly evolved, especially in Berlin – with people finding ecstasy on the dancefloor, adventure in the darkroom, or tenderness in their polyamorous relationships. 


    Schwules Museum

    Lützowstraße 73

    10785 Berlin




    with Thomas Demand

    Through December 12, 2021



    A FIRE IN MY BELLY is a large collection exhibition, featuring over thirty artists from different generations and backgrounds, including Thomas Demand, who in a variety of mediums and contexts examine the ways in which experiences of violence and loss are enacted, witnessed, and transformed. Comprising film, video, photography, painting, sculpture, and poetry, the exhibition explores how artists negotiate and transcend these experiences through personal and political gestures of protest and resistance. The works included in A FIRE IN MY BELLY thus alternate between moments of tension, poetry, and release.




    Julia Stoschek Collection Berlin
    Leipziger Straße 60
    10117 Berlin


  • Concurrent exhibitions around Berlin

  • Sculpture Park Schwante

    Sculpture Park Schwante

    with Angela Bulloch

    Through October 31, 2021



    At Schlossgut Schwante, in Oberkrämer, about 45 minutes north of Berlin’s city center, a new presentation of outdoor sculptures was inaugurated on June 4. Among them is a beautiful new work by Angela Bulloch, Heavy Metal Stack of Six: Trichrome Purple, from 2021. The sculpture park’s play of sculptures and pastoral setting is well worth an excursion! There also is a restaurant attached to the site.


    Schlossgut Schwante

    Schlossplatz 1-3
    16727 Oberkrämer

    Fridays through Sundays only, 11 AM – 6 PM


  •  I am Nature – Of Vulnerability. Survival in the risk society

    I am Nature – Of Vulnerability. Survival in the risk society

    with David Claerbout, Etienne Chambaud, Philippe Parreno and Daniel Steegmann Mangrané

    Through October 13, 2021



    Schloss Lieberose host its summer exhibition, entitled I am Nature – Of Vulnerability. Survival in the risk society. Works from Etienne Chambaud, David Claerbout, Philippe Parreno and Daniel Steegmann Mangrané are installed in intriguing spaces full of shabby gentility at this Baroque castle located about 120 km southeast of the city center.


    Schloss Lieberose

    Schlosshof 3, 15868


    Saturdays and Sundays only, 12 – 6 pm


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