Art fairs
May 28—June 4, 2021

Galerieplattform_DE 2021

Esther Schipper is pleased participate in Galerieplattform_DE, an initiative of ART COLOGNE.

Part of the concept of Galerieplattform_DE is to represent one artist with one work in each of three different categories, "Emerging Art", "Contemporary Art" and "Modern & Post-War Art".

The artists in our presentation are Sarah Buckner,"Emerging Art", whose works are currently on view at the Westfälischer Kunstverein, Münster and at Esther Schipper as part of L'Invitation au voyage; "Contemporary Art" is represented by Rosa Barba, whose exhibition at the Neue Nationalgalerie will open in Berlin in August 2021; Romanian avant-garde artist Stefan Bertalan is shown in the category "Modern & Post-War Art".


The platform is open to all interested parties. The visit is free of charge and only requires registration.

Galerieplattform_DE is being realized in the context of NEUSTART KULTUR with the support of the Minister of State for Culture and the Media (BKM).

If you wish to receive a preview dossier, or should you have any questions about our presentation at Galerieplattform_DE, please contact Marie-Catherine Vogt