There are rules for the Rules Series that are also part of the series and constitued the main installation in Bulloch's 1993 exhibition at Esther Schipper, Cologne:


1. The rules are lists of rules that pertain to particular places, practices or principles.

2. Each list is an individual work; however it is also part of a series.

3. Each list is a unique piece with no fixed form; however a collection of ten lists has been produced as a printed edition of 20.

4. Each unique piece is accompanied by this list, which becomes a certificate when titled and signed by the artist.

5. The unique pieces have no form; buying one confers the right to produce or reproduce the piece in any form or medium.

6. A rules series edition may be photocopied; buying one confers the right to photocopy the lists in any size or colour.

7. The artist asserts the usual moral rights and copyrights.