The multi-part sculpture Hercules Wall Hanging 008 includes two large grey felt panels, hung by wooden rhombic rivets, that cover the wall and parts of the floor. Three polyhedron sculptures are placed on the parts of the grey felt spread across the floor. Small fragments of a classical mosaic pattern are printed onto the felt at several places. The upper side of the right felt panel includes softly glowing LED lights that show the constellation Hercules. It uses the same 3D mapping program to calculate the stellar constellation as the artist's Night Sky series.

The small sculptures are closely related to the mosaic pattern Bulloch uses here (and in her prints based on the motif), since from some points of view the rhombi appear like the tiled cubes found in those patterns. Printed directly on the felt, it completes the tiled motif and simultaneously serves as background, further challenging the viewer's perception of the spatial relations between figure and ground.