Revenons à nos moutons Liam Gillick
May 2—June 28, 2014

Revenons à nos moutons Liam Gillick

Expanded Reference Fins, 2014 (back) Raw aluminium, vinyl letters Standard Reference Screen, 2014 (center) Standard Reference Platform, 2014 (right) Both works: raw aluminium, clear Plexiglas, vinyl letters The sculptural works integrate the artist’s ongoing use of text and abstraction – towards an analysis of the semiotics of the built world – into single works. The use of raw aluminum and clear Plexiglas allows form to move to the front while the text elements provide a self-conscious commentary upon the contingency of meaning in context. Photo © Andrea Rossetti

Press Release

Esther Schipper is pleased to announce Revenons à nos moutons, Liam Gillick's eighth exhibition with the gallery. This exhibition addresses power and discourse through the deployment of two distinct approaches. A series of new works each combine an abstract structure and a text. The works pair a 'reference' form with a fragment of a conversation. Adjacent to the main space a mirrored ante-room has been created that is a screening space for a new film....
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