October 28—December 17, 2011
Johnen Galerie, Berlin

A stain of Amarena in the Heart Francesco Gennari

Il Corpo Torna alla Terra, l’Anima Torna al Cielo (con una Macchia d’Amarena nel Cuore) / The body returns to earth, and the soul to heaven (with a stain of amarena in the heart), 2011 Terracotta, gin, Amarena syrup, starry sky 17 x 70 x 111 cm Photo © Jens Ziehe

Press Release

One morning he felt the desire to look at his reflection in a liquid surface, wanting his beloved mint syrup to serve as the only albeit unstable carrier of his image, wishing for the continuous change in his appearance to coincide with the constant fluctuation of his feelings. While he was struggling to comprehend his emotions, his image continued to oscillate to the rhythm of the moving green fluid. At the same time he remembered...
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