A joint project by Esther Schipper and VIVE Arts
June 20—24, 2023
Esther Schipper, Paris

Metaone Ben Elliot

Exhibition view: Ben Elliot, Metaone, Esther Schipper, Paris, 2023 Photo © Andrea Rossetti / Héctor Chico

Press Release

VIVE Arts and Esther Schipper, Paris are delighted to present Metaone, a new virtual reality project by Ben Elliot. On view will be a VR-environment, three unique digital prints and a curtain work. Metaone is an ambitious metaverse project that aims to redefine our relationship to space and be a vessel for forward-thinking cultural forms and ideas. Elliot imagines a virtual paradise that represents a future world where history, nature, technology and science intertwine and enhance one another.

The project is co-commissioned and presented by VIVE Arts, a global arts initiative that empowers artists to experiment and innovate, using the latest digital tools and mediums, in partnership with Esther Schipper and organized with Olivier Renaud-Clément.

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Exhibition views


Metaone Ben Elliot


Ben Elliot
Ben Elliot

Ben Elliot

Ben Elliot (b. 1994) is an artist who addresses contemporary themes such as the impact of emerging technologies, the rise of influence marketing, and the formation of socioeconomic trends. In his process, Elliot often incorporates leading companies, individuals, and objects to examine the concepts and values they embody. His work has been presented at Reiffers Art Initiative, Paris (2022); König Galerie, Berlin (2021); Unit London (2021); Galerie Hussenot, Paris (2020); Exo Exo, Paris (2019), and Magasins Généraux, Pantin (2019). His work is in the collections of X Museum, Beijing; FRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine MECA, Bordeaux; Collection VR Dafaux, Paris; MACAAL Musée d’Art Contemporain Africain Al Maaden, Marrakech, and Sigg Art Foundation among others. 

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