The Space That Time Forgot Angela Bulloch
February 16—May 18, 2008
Kunstbau, Munich

The Space That Time Forgot Angela Bulloch

Electric Wire Drawing: P.S. Hexahedron (floor, with points), 2008 (detail; front) Electric Wire Drawing: P.S. Dodecahedron (hanging, no points), 2008 (right) Last Year Again, 2008 (center) Photo © Carsten Eisfeld

Press Release

The exhibition The Space That Time Forgot is Angela Bulloch’s first solo exhibition in Munich. The artist offers a constitution creating a multiplicity of spaces by using different mediums – at the same time isolated from and overlapping by each other. All of shown pieces will be especially produced for the challenging exhibition space of the Kunstbau. A three-dimensional time-based representation of a two-dimensional image of planet Earth, as well as a large wall mounted...
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