June 25—July 29, 2006

MAGI© BULLET (1992), EARLY WORKS (1968-1975) General Idea

Magi© Bullet, 1992 (ceiling) Silver helium-filled Mylar balloon, multipart Shaped like pharmaceutical capsules, helium-inflated silver balloons cover the ceiling of the gallery. Conceived as an evolving work—balloons were not re-filled but slowly lost their buoyancy—and a participatory experience—visitors were allowed to take a balloon—the work was part of General Idea's campaign to raise awareness of the AIDS epidemic. Magi© Carpet, 1992 (floor) Standard fluorescent fixtures A bed of fluorescent lights lying on the floor lightens the space, quoting Dan Flavin’s use of fluorescent tubes. Playing Doctor, 1992 (wall) Lacquer on vinyl digital print In this heavily retouched self-portrait, the three artists embody a team of doctors: Zontal is placed in the center of the image slightly elevated above Partz and Bronson. Begun in the mid-1980s, General Idea's group self-portraits entitled Three Men Series present the artists as a shared identity and play a central role in their artistic practice. Photo © Carsten Eisfeld

Press Release

Formed in 1969 by Jorge Zontal, Felix Partz and AA Bronson in Toronto, General Idea soon came to international attention with their conceptual approaches, interventions into the media environment, and appropriation of popular culture. In 1989 Esther Schipper opened her gallery in Cologne with a General Idea solo exhibition. Only a few years later, in 1994, the collective came to an end, due to the AIDS-related deaths of Partz and Zontal. Yet, the interest in...
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