Considering Dynamics & the Forms of Chaos Angela Bulloch
March 10—May 31, 2016
Sharjah Art Museum, United Arab Emirates

Considering Dynamics & the Forms of Chaos Angela Bulloch

Horizontal Technicolour, 2002 32 waxed birchwood DMX modules (Pixel Boxes), aluminium plate, white glass, diffusion foil, cables, RGB-lighting system, DMX controller, sound system Duration 13:00 min soundtrack (looped) A 32-unit Pixel Box wall with cinemascope proportions plays a two-part, 13-minute and 12-second looped color sequence. The first half of the sequence is ‘pixelated’ video footage shot at The Artist’s Palette in Death Valley, the second is based on the rotated cosmological horizon lines in the psychedelic ‘Stargate’ Scene in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968). Photo © Michiel Huijben

Press Release

Angela Bulloch's practice can be framed by the notion of entropy. Entropy is commonly understood as a measure of disorder. It is a key term that characterises the movement towards chaos, and it appears in a variety of fields such as physics, probability theory, sociology and information technology. Entropy is that which structures chaos. Within contemporary art, entropy has emerged to refer to installations often associated with entropic states or with representations of order, disorder...
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