Monster Are you Lonesome RothStauffenberg
February 8—March 10, 2007

Monster Are you Lonesome RothStauffenberg

Are you Lonesome?, 2007 (detail) DMX-controlled location; technical equipment; window, gauze, double bed, 2 pillows, plaid, bed linen, 2 bedstands, 2 bedside lamps, sculpture, 2 framed prints, mirror, wallpaper, 2 chairs Tobia & Afra Scarpa, curtains, molton, carpet, ceiling lamp, rosette, cornice, baseboard, hole in wall The space is inaccessible, but one can peep into a gloomy, dark space, equipped with a heavy wooden bed from the 1930s and two small leather chairs by Tobia and Afra Scarpa. The bed is unmade, the blanket is pushed aside. Everything is brown and black: old-fashioned wallpaper, leather, satin, a dark curtain to the right and a window through which every now and then a bit of light shines through. An oppressive and sombre aura inhabits the space that might be that of a hotel room replete with secrets. Photo © Carsten Eisfeld

Press Release

The title of the exhibition, Monster, might bring to mind a land of zombies, hobgoblins, giants and ghosts. But even though both works establish a heavy mood, it remains open whether or not there is a relation between the two. Going beyond the illusion of narrative cohesion, RothStauffenberg lure the viewer into their critique of a world whose surplus of images, objects, signs, and pleasures leave little rhyme or reason for the production of the...
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