Are you coming or going, around? Angela Bulloch
April 27—June 23, 2007

Are you coming or going, around? Angela Bulloch

Smoke Spheres 2/4, 2006-2007 19 semi-transparent spheres, lamps, lampholders, cables, DMX controller, dimming mechanisms, framing modules The work is a wall piece made of translucent "smoke plexi" spheres and lit by a computer controlled light system, which provides a vibrant spectacle of changing light intensities. The painting White Disks II (1964) by Bridget Riley forms the basic arrangement of the work. Photo © Carsten Eisfeld

Press Release

Are you coming or going, around? is the title of a new exhibition by Angela Bulloch. In recent years, Bulloch has been mainly experimenting with the possibilities of her so-called Pixel Boxes, but this exhibition marks the beginning of a new series of works, that is related to the artist’s characteristic method of observing systems that order and define our lives. Whereas previously focusing on synaesthetic transformation of auditive and visual digital information, the object...
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