Philippe Parreno Philippe Parreno
October 28—November 3, 2007

Philippe Parreno Philippe Parreno

Interior Cartoons Animation, 2007 Certificate orchestrated event: light, motorised blinds/curtains, DMX controller, oversized window handle, window frame The title of the work refers playfully to interior design. Additional blinds with electrical motors are installed in front of the windows and go up and down in a particular rhythm. The lights of the space are changing from full to zero and are getting dimmed up and down in a specific interval as well. Photo © Carsten Eisfeld

Press Release

Philippe Parreno’s solo exhibition at Esther Schipper in 2007 opens exactly one year after his last exhibition at Esther Schipper had closed. For the short period of a single week, the exhibition marks both, an echo, as well as a celebration of the exhibition from the year before. Every element in the exhibition is closely tied to the installation in 2006. An intricate net of references is thus laid out, where every object becomes a...
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