space made to measure object, made to measure space Gabriel Kuri
November 16, 2007—January 26, 2008

space made to measure object, made to measure space Gabriel Kuri

Quarry cast between a given corner and three random items, 2007 (left) Stone cast, shoes, taperole, cardboard box An illusory real looking fake rock sits on the floor. The rock apparently fits exactly around the corner where it is placed, as if growing around, or growing through the wall, like a strangely unexpected intruder. A calculated journey into a calculated experience, 2007 (center) Fake food, dishes, 2 chairs, Ikea carton The rectangular flat carton of a still packed Ikea table rests casually on two folding chairs, constituting a strange makeshift table. Artificially reproduced leftovers, including plates and plastic cups are arranged as a profane still life. An immediate indexation of possibilities as a consummation of all desire, 2007 (right) Colourprint on heavy solvic, 2 wooden constructions, bamboo A blank bamboo stick spans up the gallery space. Between its two ends a color chart is hung from ceiling to floor, attached to two wooden constructions. The color chart encompasses the totality of all colors of the spectrum. A dimension line quantifies its size. The measure is complemented by a list of international color management companies, which runs from beginning to end of the chart. Photo © Carsten Eisfeld

Press Release

In his first exhibition at Esther Schipper, Gabriel Kuri shows a group of new sculptures. A blank bamboo rod extends vertically from the space’s central point, running symmetrically down towards the floor and up to the ceiling. The serial progression of the segments into infinity is limited by the boundaries of the gallery space. Between the ends of the rod, a colour scale spans the full height of the room on a wide strip of...
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