Ceal Floyer Ceal Floyer
September 6—October 11, 2008

Ceal Floyer Ceal Floyer

No Positions Available, 2007 Installation, signs on wall Site-specific installation using show-window signs with "No Position Available" on the one side and "Help Wanted" on the other. Only the side with "No Position Available" is visible to the viewer. The signs fill one wall with the smallest possible distance between them, so there is "no position available" on its surface. Photo © Nick Ash

Press Release

In her second solo show at Esther Schipper, Ceal Floyer is showing an audio installation and two works based on found objects that address the viewer’s perceptions and cognitive faculties. Floyer often develops her works out of serendipitous observations and situations, dealing in a slightly ironic way with phenomena of language and meaning. The countless signs in No Positions Available (2007) cover one whole wall of the gallery. Floyer plays with the different meanings of...
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