Cartes Postales RothStauffenberg
March 7—April 18, 2009

Cartes Postales RothStauffenberg

The Kingdom of Mozartbique, 2009 (back wall) One-channel projection Duration 04:36 min Mobile Cinema, SL 1000, 2009 7 chairs by Gerd Lange, tent of wood and linen, projector, screen The film program, compiled by the artists, shows various parts of the movie The Kingdom of Mozartbique. In the film, people in the hotel tell each other ficticious stories, exchanging masks, wigs and costumes among each other. Photo © RothStauffenberg

Press Release

Esther Schipper is glad to present the fifth solo show by RothStauffenberg. The combination of installation and objects in the exhibition refers to a specific context in film history and continues the artists engagement with the film medium. The gallery’s darkened main room contains Mobile Cinema (2009), a two-part installation in wood and linen. The film program selected by the artists shows different parts of the feature film Das Königreich von Mozartbique (The Kingdom of...
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