The Dailies Thomas Demand
March 23—April 22, 2012
Kaldor Public Art Projects, MLC Centre, Sydney

The Dailies Thomas Demand

Daily #1, 2008 Dye Transfer Print The Dailies is a series that Thomas Demand began in 2008. The images depict everyday situations that at first seem banal, but by their banality reveal a common habitus that is linked to the pictured sites, among them everyday objects such as ashtrays, sockets or bathroom mirrors. Thomas Demand describes the series as “just a glimpse that starts to create a narrative.” Photo © Paul Green

Press Release

For the 25th Kaldor Public Art Project, Thomas Demand presented a new series of images, The Dailies, within the unique environment of the Commercial Travellers‘ Association (CTA) club, part of the MLC Centre designed by celebrated Australian architect Harry Seidler in the mid 1970s. Demand, known for his full-scale recreations of environments made entirely from paper and card that he photographs and later destroys, so that they remain only as images, occupies an entire hotel...
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