Roman Ondak Roman Ondak
May 1—June 6, 2015
Johnen Galerie, Berlin

Roman Ondak Roman Ondak

Flag, 2015 (left) Lead pipe, paint 70 x 45 x 5 cm The Joys of an Iron Curtain Trip to the Black Sea, 1989-2015 (right) Drawings and etching from 1989 made by the artist, drawings made by other people, postcards, b/w photographs, pinboard, film rewinding table, map Pinboard: 126 x 186 x 5 cm Table: 85 x 120 x 61 cm Photo © Andrea Rossetti

Press Release

For his second exhibition at Johnen Galerie, Roman Ondak developed a sequence of older and new works that are presented in three rooms. As usual, Ondak’s work evolves from a performative conception. All sculptures, installations, photographs, and performances emerge from interpersonal actions, like the fragments of an old door that are installed on the floor, arranged in the V-shape of a half-open door. A door grille blocks the approach to a corner in one room....
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