hot skillet mama Wiebke Siem
March 1—April 13, 2013
Johnen Galerie, Berlin

hot skillet mama Wiebke Siem

Exhibition view: Wiebke Siem, hot skillet mama, Johnen Galerie, Berlin, 2013 Photo © Jens Ziehe

Press Release

Wiebke Siem’s new works combine collage, sculpture and drawing into figures of highly ambivalent appeal. The viewer discovers allusions to Classic Modernism, housekeeping and kitchen, and African sculpture. These spheres are being interwoven ironically, making it difficult to determine irony, seriousness, citation, homage, play and deeper meaning. The viewer is confronted with ghosts haunted by unredeemed energies. Wiebke Siem does not take anything lightly. She does not call off the shackles of form, but stretches...
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