Grönlund-Nisunen Grönlund-Nisunen
November 21—December 23, 2009

Grönlund-Nisunen Grönlund-Nisunen

Liquid Diagram, 2009 Distilled water, glass flasks, glass tubes, resistance wire, stainless steel stands, halogen lights, control units, transformers Each tube is mounted on round bottomed flasks filled one quarter full with distilled water and connected by a system of switches. An electrical heating element controls the air temperature inside the flasks. The flasks are lit from below, making the rising and falling of the water level visible. Photo © Carsten Eisfeld

Press Release

On the occasion of their third exhibition at Esther Schipper, Grönlund-Nisunen are showing two new works dealing with the visualization of motion, energy and space. Tommi Grönlund and Petteri Nisunen have been working together since 1993 in the fields of architecture, art and music. With their simple formal idiom and their use of geometric forms such as line, plane and circle, the artists combine aspects of kinetic art with references to modernism. In their works...
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